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Brendan Henry, Collegian Columnist

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A recent tweet by Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) generated notoriety with the claim of “3 deaths to JEWISH PEOPLE.”

The tweet He started a storm that took away Ye’s covenant with Adidas and chose His main fanbase while also inspiring others to agree with or take his views on the Jewish community. Kyrie Irving also ran into similar controversy after tweeting a link to an antisemitic film.

He is not distinguished by his views on the Jewish community but is the result of a continuing movement of anti-Semitism. It is always easy to think that this language and mentality does not exist in our communities, but the truth is sometimes surprising. The Anti-Defamation League reported 61% increase in antisemitic incidents in Colorado from 2017 t0 2021, and reported 32 more incidents in 2021 than 2020.

At (Colorado State University), like other campuses, we have our share of anti-faith from the white man’s playbook: displaying swastikas in public, putting swastikas on doors of students and students – especially in the halls of residence – have been selling age- old antisemitic cities like the Jews all have big noses and control the media and banks,” said Mica Glantz, chair- co-chair of the President’s Task Force on Jewish Inclusion and Antisemitism and professor of anthropology at CSU.

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“Sometimes these incidents stem from a lack of knowledge about Jewish identity and diversity, and sometimes they are intentionally threatening,” Glantz said. “They all undermine our shared community.”

Glantz added that political organizations have a weak role of discrimination, as anyone can be prejudiced against Jewish people regardless of their political orientation.

“We are fighting the practice of silencing voices on the left and silencing the voices of the Jewish community (students/faculty/staff) who want to be part of campus organizations that support social justice movements like Black Lives Matter. Matter and trans(gender). ) rights and so much more,” said Glantz. “They’re being shut out just because they’re Jewish, because of their loyalty to Israel — old ideas — and this is ‘ one of the worst forms of hatred we face in the camps today.”

“There is no time or place for hatred of any people in this country. People of different backgrounds and cultures create an environment of understanding and open-mindedness that only benefits those who fully embrace it – fearing these differences is holding America back. ”

Anti-professional activities are happening on the CSU campus, as well as on campuses throughout country. As the ADL pointed out, reported incidents of antisemitism increased significantly between 2020 and 2021. It did not start the fire but rather added fuel to the already growing flame.

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An anonymous campus source with inside knowledge of the university’s handling of sanitation said there may be more incidents of anti-Semitism on the CSU campus than is being shown to the public and that there are those who have the power to seek to undermine this matter to prevent. negative publicity involving the university. This is unacceptable and unhelpful to the CSU Jewish community.

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Glantz did not want to focus on Ye by giving him more attention, although Glantz gave him an invitation to attend a course on antisemitism, but he deserves attention. He deserves to be in the light – otherwise he wouldn’t have lost everything he has so far. She has history emotional and deserves the pain that comes with free speech.

The First Amendment is a double-edged sword, and it has cost you money. If you play with fire long enough, eventually you will get burned. He is an example of the growing hatred in the United States today, and his current financial and social fall should set an example for others who want to jump the train of discrimination.

There is absolutely no time or place for hatred of any people in this country. People of different backgrounds and cultures create an environment of understanding and open-mindedness that benefits those who fully embrace it – the fear of these differences is holding America back.

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