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The time for speculation is over. Donald Trump has officially announced his intention to run for President in 2024 – sparking the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement.

‘I command to make America great and glorious again. Today I am announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.’

In doing so, the former US President wasted no time targeting the Democrats and President Joe Biden, accusing them of being part of the “radical Left” while (correctly) blaming them for the economic mess. in which America finds itself.

The numbers don’t lie. As for the cost of health problems, Biden has no one to blame but himself (and his shadowy puppet masters). America’s poverty is a weakness in the Democrat’s ‘feel good’ message. Spirit giving (also known as a painful display of virtue in exchange for social media attention) is a cult that can only thrive in a wealthy, jaded society. If ‘Build Back Better’ turns out to be a post-apocalyptic scenario, the Republic will blossom in 2024.

That said, the mid-term observers were very wrong in their predictions. Even in the blue land of Banana Republic where Governors have to wade through real dirt to make their campaign speeches, people continued to vote for them and their failed police. Is this hypocrisy? stubborn?

This brings us to the obvious question, does the world know what America wants in its leadership?

If one were to take a few steps back and take a cold, sober look at the situation, America might already be pretty clear about what it values ​​in 2022. America is being led by an ignorant geriatric where you are or where you are. he’s talking about a man – a man who is drawn to kids who can’t get off the stage and reads his thoughts out loud after getting lost in the empty room of his mind. America’s national politics is run by a shadowy system that tells the President what to do and any problem that arises is written off with public money.

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Is there a bigger picture for the Millennial voter, who wants to live on mom and dad’s money while still living like a child with tough decisions left to ‘someone else’?

America has created a reflective President see, just as they want the entertainment industry to ‘look’ like them. This is not the kind of people who appreciate or prefer power, business sense, and a return to reasonable social rules. They would rather have perpetual aid and protected safe havens than create an organization capable of leading other nations morally, spiritually and economically.

If this is where the spirit of the American people is headed, the nation will cease to be the spirit of the free world. The dream will end and America’s wealth will end.

Trumpism (and whatever form of politics we’ll call DeSantis), is trying to fight apathy and rekindle the fire that built America. The speech we heard from the former President this week is Trump’s legacy and carries the same message: ‘Drain the Swamp!’

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He’s running on a heart-of-heart issue – going after working Americans who are suffering the most from the cost of health problems. While talking about the splendor of his gold-trimmed ballroom (which looks like the president’s mansion), his words go to the community who feel they have been neglected in the last two years.

‘America’s comeback begins now!’ Trump announced, bringing much-needed action to the impasse.

Trump went straight for Biden’s throat, pointing out what other world leaders have done — that Biden doesn’t seem mentally or physically fit for the role. He also drew attention to the disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan that left the Taliban insurgents with a significant global presence, calling it ‘the most shameful moment in the country’s history’ us’.

‘We are here tonight to say that it doesn’t have to be like this – it doesn’t have to be like this – two years ago we were a great nation and soon we will be a great nation again.’ He continued saying, ‘It is not a matter of politics, it is the love of this great nation.’

That’s the trick with Trump. Regardless of what you think of his leadership style, he knows how to inject energy and purpose into the Presidential race.

Is it enough to dispel the lies that have been told about Trump by the social media “checkers” and the power of the ‘free’ press? Is there a politician willing to win if he has made enemies with the Murdoch government? And what about people? Trump’s image may be irreparably damaged and if so, and his base wants another face, then Trump must use what is left of his political power to put together a leader who can win. We won’t know the answer to this until Trump starts talking without the steel of Silicon Valley CEOs.

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Student debt cancellation was an expensive tactic put forth by Democrats to buy their lives in the midterms — one that the working class may not regret in the long run. It is a terminated policy (which may not happen due to legal proceedings). University debt piles up every year and soon the next batch of Arts students, who have made the same academic mistakes as their predecessors, will be searching. theirs the debt is cancelled. Where will the money come from? Is the education free? How many more of these vote-saving exercises can the Democrats pull off before the White House falls into the debt hole that is being issued every day?

There is a race for the White House, but it is not between Trump and Biden. Americans are running against themselves and their inner conflict between wanting to lead and surrendering to the Socialist, parasitic Big State that promises them Utopia.

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