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The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, does not happen only in the United States. He hit the world like the climax of a horror movie.

Event after event, act after act left the thinkers bewildered, embarrassed, and even the incorrigible in doubt. Only the narcissistic and the fanatical were enthralled by Trump’s dance of the macabre.

It was a similar move when he misused the phrase, “Making America Great Again”.

Apart from his British friend and ally, Boris Johnson, only fragments of Uganda’s past, without their blood trail, present a shadow of modern history.

If Idi Amin, Uganda’s supreme ruler and self-proclaimed conqueror of the British Empire, had lived, Trump would have had a living black image, a master doublespeaker. He switches arguments from topic to topic, changes the story before the audience has time to think, and then closes the story with a conclusion that has nothing to do with the beginning, or that does not make sense in its summary.

Although Amin called himself Field Marshal and president for life, he lasted from 1971 to 1979 – almost eight years that Trump wishes to rule the US. Amin’s latter-day successor, Yoweri Museveni, was, ironically, the man who lived Amin’s dream of a lifelong presidency.

Museveni, who led a guerrilla war to “free Uganda from Amin” has been in office for 38 years and counting. Now the whole world is worried about freeing Uganda from him.

With Trump, facts don’t have to be true. Any line makes a syllogism as long as it justifies its results. His presidency reduced the most powerful country in the world to a theater of absurdity, a never-ending circus of drama in which Trump was the author, director, lead actor, hero, critic and the rest.

It was under Trump that the world really doubted for the first time in many decades the importance of the US in world affairs – whether it is related to the climate debate, immigration ( legal or otherwise), an epidemic or a nuclear weapons challenge.

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With a skin tougher than a reptile, Trump walked through the scandal without batting an eye. He rigged the United States Supreme Court with conservative justices, trolled Congress and harassed the press. Trump was not only a master of the alternate universe, he also supported it with ideas that left ordinary people questioning their own insanity.

A lover of the Christian right, he may also have borrowed his moral compass from the Crusaders, the first generation of Christians who lacked the grace to accept what they were. I changed it, but they didn’t have the courage to tear it down or destroy it.

Trump was never wrong as long as he called the shots. He must have thought Richard Nixon was a fool to have resigned over the Watergate nonsense.

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Following the remarkable era of Barack Obama, Trump has had the effect of that bull in the China shop. As he sought a judicial explanation for his repeated indiscretions, America lost its sense of indignation beneath him! In desperate impatience, he exposed only more scandals.

When, after four difficult years Americans had the chance to vote again, a confused, frightened world prayed that American voters would find the courage to accompany DJT to out of the White House and back to his Towers. That’s where his other truths and stories of revenge move mountains and create a plan of action.

But he did not just refuse to stir up chaos in the Capitol, he continued to ask the courts and anyone else who does not care to accept or confirm the victory of Joe Biden. It sounds like a story from an entertainer, but we lived it.

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To be fair to the American voters, most of them did not vote for Trump. It was a product of the Electoral College – a twisted and archaic electoral system that sometimes allows the majority to have their say, but the few to have their way.

If the system was intended to provide stability and comfort to the complex American society – and perhaps stop the emergence of demagogues, as some argue – well, it failed to deliver in 2016.

The Electoral College, 230 years old in politics, was the vehicle that carried Trump to the presidency. Hillary Clinton had edged him by 2.8 million popular votes, but the anti-democratic wisdom of the electoral college trumped the popular will of the American people.

In the words of one of the founding leaders of the US, James Madison, the Electoral College was intended to ensure that the president is chosen “by men who have the ability to evaluate the qualifications suitable to the station, and to operate under conditions suitable to discuss, and combine intelligently all the reasons and incentives that were suitable to control their choice”. Trump had anything but these qualities.

His Democratic opponent warned and counseled more prophetically, about a man who lacked the ideals and wisdom to do the job. The candidates heard, and stuck, but the “College” did the opposite. The world felt the consequences of that mistake, and America bore the burden for four long years.

And he surprised the world even more. He wouldn’t leave the White House without a fight and tried to overthrow. He would not accept defeat or congratulate the man who defeated him in the elections. He was sad, sad and trembling. But in the end, he had to retreat like a champion humiliated by an underdog.

The mid-November elections in the US gave Trump another opportunity to appear in the ring again, hoping for a Red wave, which thankfully did not happen. He still wants to make America great, to “save” America.

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His enthusiastic crowd does not stop, cheering him on the stage as if nothing had happened before. And as before, the world is vulnerable to the mistake of underestimating Trump, thinking that he is going nowhere.

Whether or not Trump will succeed depends on the Republican Party, a party that has seen Trump answer twice, even if he calls once. If he wins the wave, his brand of corporate politics and personal partisanship could create a ripple effect that would be difficult to stop.

As America approaches the 2024 election, Trump’s chances of being elected are slim to none, considering how he swept the Republican nomination for president in 2016. He feels even more confident. now, regardless of the results of the mid-term elections. .

He says he wants to save America. But America desperately needs to save itself from him. He never lacked this messianic style. And he knows when and how to use it to devastating effect.

Trump 2.0 is a possibility and the man is looking forward to it. He has power like a criminal; he fights – fair or bad – he just fights, anyway. The end justifies the means. With Trump, the world should say never until he is out of office either by consent or by force.

Trump isn’t done, though. And anyone who thinks otherwise should remember what her cousin, Maria, said Caretaker about him in January 2021: “He has never had a proper victory in his life. The important thing is to win, regardless of whether there is a star next to it. ”

Why? For the stars are to a demagogue what a red flag is to a bull. America, watch your back! DM


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