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Can employees combine sabbatical and annual leave? Can employers cancel retirement? Frequently asked questions are explained

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Published: Friday, January 6, 2023, 12:57 pm

Last updated: Friday, January 6, 2023, 4:40 p.m

Starting January 2, 2023, the UAE government has implemented a business license for self-employment in the country. UAE nationals working in the government sector who want to start their own business will be given annual leave this year.

Emiratis will receive 50% of their salary during this period. The head of the federal government will approve the employee’s vacation and can combine it with unpaid leave and annual leave.

The aim is to encourage the youth to take advantage of the great business opportunities that the country offers and empower the nation. Here is an overview of some of the most frequently asked questions about honeymoons.

Does self-employment cover all employees?

All civil servants and civil servants who work in federal government agencies can apply for this leave, except for employees of federal agencies, employees of temporary contracts and part-time employees.

How much work time is required of the employee to receive the leave?

The employee’s term of service shall not be less than five years in the federal or local government if transferred from one area to a federal agency.

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What conditions are required for the employee to receive the leave?

These conditions are:

1. The employee has a performance evaluation of a level of no less than 2 or its equivalent.

2. The length of service of an employee in a federal or regional agency shall not be less than five years. The working time of an employee in the local area is accepted for calculation, or the employee was transferred from the local government to the federal government, or he stopped in the area and was appointed to the federal government.

3. The employee has already done his national service or has proof of his status.

4. An employee shall not serve in his office because he has been assigned or assigned to work, unless the employer decides otherwise.

What kind of financial support will be paid during the holidays?

The employee will receive 50% of his total salary, excluding fees and commissions related to the job.

He must have done national service to get this holiday?

Yes, it is. The employee must work abroad or have proof of his status.

Will vacation time for self-employment be counted in years of actual employment with the company?

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Yes, the employee continues to participate in the pension fund, and the leave is counted in the employee’s years of good service.

What are the notice periods for employees to serve after the scheduled sabbatical?

The notice period will be a maximum of two months, the head of the federal office or his representative may remove or reduce the notice period for the employee, as required by the interests of working in the federal office.

Will the notice period be included in the employee’s accrued vacation time?

Notice period is not included in the business retirement period for personal service provided to the employee.

Users can collect sabbatical and annual books?

Yes, an employee can combine self-employment business retirement with annual leave they are entitled to, before the start of self-employment business retirement.

What happens if there are more applicants than the required percentage? What is the selection process?

Due to the increase in the number of applicants, the selection is made among the employees based on those who follow the criteria other than those mentioned in Section VI of the Projects Guide.

If the job is an online business, can employees still apply for self-employment leave?

Yes, an employee who owns an online business has the right to obtain a business license for his/her own work, as long as he/she obtains the necessary licenses to perform the work.

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Does the organization have the right to cancel the leave granted to the employee before its end date?

The employer shall not terminate the business pension and call the employee after taking leave, unless the employee’s consent is obtained.

Can individuals planning early retirement still apply for this holiday?

Yes, an employee can apply for a business leave license based on the start-up service, as long as the service has obtained the necessary license, or is in the process of registering and obtaining a license.

If the job represents an out-of-town branch, can employees still apply for leave?

Yes, an employee can apply for leave if the head office has the necessary approval, as long as the employee proves that he is an authorized employee, or that he has a supervisory role or manages the branch.

Can employees register a complaint if they are not granted personal leave?

Yes, the employee can join the complaint committee and opposition committee in the federal government according to the procedure specified in the administrative procedure of the Human Services Act in the federal government.



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