The World Select XI Of Entrepreneurs

This calculation is available for the World Cup of 2022 when the spot will turn on the teams and players of the biggest sporting event in the world. Which team will win? Who will fall head over heels? Will the current stars fit the bill? Or will they be overshadowed by a new generation? The pressure is on, and the combination of hard work, talent, and ability to perform at the highest level will determine who wins.

In many ways, the greatest footballers are like the greatest entrepreneurs; Both remained at the dizzying heights of superstardom. Highly paid, scrutinized by the media, and adored by his fans, both have overcome success to reach the top, and continue on the same path. the difference between success and failure. Building a company is like building a football team, with strategies, plans, and ideas at play. And just like football executives, no founder can succeed without a strong team around them – including many support staff and team members who sit on the sidelines (VCs!)

So, in anticipation of the 2022 World Cup, which 11 entrepreneurs have what it takes to make it into the World Select XI?

Experience, raw talent, and skill

Instead of playing soccer stars like Ronaldo, Messi and Mbappe, we play with the likes of Bezos, Zuckerberg and Musk in the traditional 4-3-3 formation. Strong from the backbone, with some added flair and creativity on the wings and forward, we’ve chosen a mix of raw talent and experience. Although the old-timers, the Buffets, and the Bransons, have left for this ad, the old school is considered too old for the new style of music.

As the best football team, we have selected some amazing surprises and additions, to mix things up and keep the opposition on their toes. Does gambling pay off? The main question is over training. Will the team be able to stay focused, on and off, for the duration of the campaign? Foul play and dirty roads will be punished, and the authorities will keep a watchful eye on criminals. Any red card can mean you’re on the next flight.

One choice

Travis Kalanick, The Guardian

Known for his challenging nature, he doesn’t play around on his day. Having been dismissed by his previous team, his ‘dreadful’ reputation will intimidate the opposition, and he will be difficult to beat from there, which makes him ideal for shooting. Strikers beware!

Sam Bankman-Fried, Fullback

He’s a controversial inclusion in the XI but he’s unquestionably capable, with plenty of experience in emerging markets. His high-level playing style is known for pushing the limit and he can go over the limit, as he is currently being investigated for a warning, pending suspension. Will he make a glorious return to the competition?

Sergey Brin, center half

Known for sticking to it, he is a team player who knows how to handle the opposition. He is sometimes accused of blocking the ball, but you can’t deny his success, the results (research) speak for themselves. Accusations of match-fixing have tarnished its reputation in recent years, but memories are short, and it has become important.

Jeff Bezos, center half

Being very experienced, his brutal ways and killing his peers made him a champion. An expert at towing cars, he knows how to frustrate attackers and is hailed as an ‘Amazon like’ around the world. He can also be a new player who will not hesitate to take advantage of the opposition’s defense.

Daniel Ek, Fullback

Providing an unexpected team player, Ek is the perfect Steady Eddie. Flexible and reliable, it’s like the Volvo of the startup world. He’s not afraid to push it to the Z line (you can’t score from there!), but the management is confident that they can get the sound out of it on a big stage.

Marc Zuckerberg, central player

It’s a familiar face, some might say exposed. But in the holding of work it is second to no one, and really knows how to overcome difficulties and continue to control the game. Recently changed his style of music and is sticking to his guns, but will the money come in? Only time will tell.

Jack Ma, Midfielder

Little known in Europe, this Chinese superstar is an Asian athlete. An active and flexible midfielder, he can move in many positions with ease and always brings the team forward. With fast feet, his defenders are always caught off guard by his quick stops. He has also been known to pull off a perfect Great Panenka there.

Bill Gates, Midfielder and Skipper

An international veteran, Gate’s unparalleled experience makes him the best player for the team. His teammates see him as the gaffer on the pitch and his words carry a lot of weight. Working out of the box, it covers many areas in Excel and great competition. For him, this is just another day at the Office.

Jack Dorsey, Center-front

He can be considered as a fox in the box, but he is not the one who goes out of 9 countries, more than nine lies, and great risks and contradictions. A great relationship with Musk, both of them have understanding, inside and outside. He is a hunter who often finds the back of the net. Could he be a contender for the golden boot this year?

Elon Musk, Winger

Favorite media, but too big for one? Be very brave, go ahead and proud, call himself a goat. He has made many screamers in his time, but in his day he was electric – in this world. He has a busy schedule though, with a lot of commitments, so let’s see if he can keep his face.

Adam Neumann, Winger

A surprising addition to the team this year, due to well-reported discipline problems in his last campaign. But few will deny his ability, that he will silence the opposition and entertain the fans with a little cycling and shouting. The question is whether it will hold up well enough to be useful rather than a reward.


Elizabeth Holmes

It showed potential, but a major caveat meant it could be sidelined forever. However, few would argue that he has gone through blood, sweat and tears in his career thus far.

Patrick & John Collison

A youth addition to the team that can be brought in as a big sub to add some fresh legs to the late run. In a practical way. Should cause their wounds

Oliver Samwer

His style of music has largely divided opinion, but he has developed like a rocket in the last few years. He’s an expert at outsmarting other players, but he does it with skill, and there’s no denying his success. Will this mark his arrival on the world stage?

Administrative and teaching staff

Marc Andreessen – Manager

A firm believer in method and technique, he knows how to get the best out of his players. He is a huge fan of heavy football, which will keep fans on the edge of their seats, although he is not afraid to pull the trigger when necessary. Admired on and off the pitch for his track record supporting up and coming talent.

Mike Moritz – assistant coach

He has a lot of experience, he will not be removed by the pressure of the big stage. He’s a great communicator, though he’s not afraid to bust out a hair treatment half-time. Having worked with one of the legends of the game, Sir Alex Ferguson, can we expect Fergie’s season goals?

Masayoshi Son – The football captain

It aims to rule the world, but many feel that it is too risky and too slow to build. Some questionable recruiting decisions have proved costly, and there are plenty of lessons to be learned in the next campaign (if it survives that long).

Behind the net – or an own goal?

If ever there was a group of Galactico entrepreneurs, this is it. Like all the best teams, the World Select XI has a diverse mix of personalities, skills and styles of play – able to switch seamlessly from Total Football to Tiki-taka. They have all been successful in different ways, boasting a balance of raw talent and experienced brains. On paper, they look like a force to be reckoned with, able to handle any challenge the opposition throws at them.

But as always, it is how the team runs on the pitch that will determine their success. Will the manager manage the mix of egos, and bring them together for the duration of the tournament? Will Virtue withstand media scrutiny and the inevitable criticism of doing it in front of billions? Controversial additions to pay? Only time will tell. But one thing is clear – in the world of business, like football, “it’s not life and death… it’s more important than that”.


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