The Family Business: Will Powers

Princeton football fans are grateful Will be able to. They root for Will be able to. They just don’t want to see Will be able to play everything over and over again.

Don’t worry, he understood.

Powers was a two-time All-Ivy League starter for the nationally undefeated Princeton Tigers. He plays four games per game this season, or about one game per several hours of practice each week. However, what he did with those few opportunities is what makes him stand out.

He knows how valuable a strong striker is to a football team. He knows how valuable a strong punter is to this football team.

It runs in the family.

• • •

When the Power plays this Saturday in a home exhibition against Dartmouth, it will do so at Powers Field. That is not a coincidence. His father, William (Bill) Powers ’79, was an All-Ivy League player who gave Princeton a $10.5 million gift to pay for FieldTurf in Princeton’s stadium.

Bill Powers worked to get his son to Princeton, but it might not be the job you’d expect. The youngest of five siblings, Will said his father never pressured him to choose his students. He provided any guidance and advice the father would need during the process, but the decision was always the child’s.

The father’s direct influence came years earlier, when his son realized that his ability to play as a defender could translate well into football.

“When I started boxing and kicking in elementary school, he would take me out and we would work on my suspension for hours, trying to get that right,” he said. “He set a lot of records, and he’s a very competitive relationship. He inspired me because of what he can do as a football player. It’s really special that he gives me advice based on what he did.”

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Will earn Adidas All American honors as a punter at Choate Rosemary Hall, he spends many weekends playing his own game and travels with his father to Saturday Princeton games. Those trips created his own connection to the program and current players, and it was that connection that led him to choose Princeton.

Connections with teammates are very important to the powerful. He spent one year of high school fully invested in tennis, even going to Barcelona to train and compete. In his sophomore year, he returned to the gridiron.

“I don’t like individual sports,” Powers said. “Your wins and losses are personal, but honestly it got a little lonely. That part of football always stuck with me, and I think that’s why I came back to it.”

But he eventually brought him to the Princeton team with his ultimate goal in 2022.

• • •

Most of us have played football without thinking anything about it. However, part of success for a reader, is a thin razor and requires both dedication and skill. There are three things that people focus on to achieve success in their work.

“The biggest thing is speed,” he said. “We have guys who run as fast as they can, especially from the edge, so you have 2.2 seconds max to get the punt. Second, the drop is very important. If it’s one millimeter, I can get out of it. Two or three millimeters, you play with light, the stop should always be the same to get that big rotation. The third will be the input. You don’t want let the ball be in the middle of the field.”

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2.2 seconds. 2-3 millimeters. Insertion in one part of the field. The defenders rush you. There is very little opportunity to do your job, and if you make a mistake, the blame is on you.

It’s not that simple, right?

Still, the power has shined since he earned the starting job as a freshman. He has averaged 40.9 yards per second for his career, which would be the second-best career mark in Princeton history. Of his 93 career starts, 28 have included one of those 20, and 28 have been successful catches. Seventeen has gone seventeen yards.

The numbers are impressive, but the team’s impact is what matters to him.

“You only get a few chances a game, so you have to lock it in like a pro every game,” Powers said. “I have 119 other guys around me. Although it’s a very independent situation, my teammates support me. I look at my position as trying to help my teammates, in I don’t try to hit long. I consider myself a part of my team. I try to throw them back as much as possible to help the defense.”

Its effects have been detected and observed.

“He’s going to play a position that might not get a lot of respect, but his impact every week has been huge,” the coach said. Bob Surace said. “Not only did he always turn the tables when we were set up, but he did an outstanding job keeping the opposition in their own zone.”

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The authorities know that Surace believes in him, but that does not mean that he will send him to every four countries. It’s exciting for an aggressive and successful offense. For all the preparation you put into your work, you know that the better your team performs, the better your chances of playing will be.

For example, if it’s 4th and 1, well, Ike will be ready… but he won’t be running down the field hoping to get points from Surace.

“4th and 4 can be a pretty good score for the gray area of ​​whether or not he’s going to hit it,” Powers said. “In the middle Ryan Butler with our offensive line, I’m confident we can get those yards. I want my team to do well, but I also put in so many hours at my job that I want to get out there and pursue what I love to do. I don’t expect my team to not get the first one. “

“But maybe with a big lead, I won’t have to think about it anymore,” he added with a chuckle.

Ike, an international public figure who took an interest in business after his football career ended, has acquired several big leads. He also had a 7-0 record in each of his three seasons as a starter. It was an 8-0 feeling that eluded him, and he would love nothing more than to get that experience this weekend.

“We’re focused on taking this one game at a time,” Powers said. “The biggest thing is to stay humble, and have confidence in why we are here.”

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