The Coca-Cola Foundation, Leading Ladies Africa to empower 1000 female entrepreneurs

As part of its ongoing efforts to support women entrepreneurs in Nigeria, the Coca-Cola Foundation has awarded a grant to Leading Ladies Africa, women who focus on non-profits to buy, finance and empower 1000 women. , from the Enterprise and Leadership Institute (ELP). ).

Enterprise and Leadership Program (ELP) is a practical program, which helps women entrepreneurs in Nigeria to set up small businesses, which are designed to transform opportunities in their communities. This program seeks to address the problem of economic insecurity and injustice against women in Nigeria – encouraging sustainable employment and economic growth for them by helping Nigerian women entrepreneurs help build and maintain businesses. These goals align with SDG goals #5 and #8 and provide Nigerian women entrepreneurs with the skills they need to support the economy, and ensure they have a better head start in the world of entrepreneurship.

L-R: Esohe Idehen, Organizer; Oselumense Ejale, Coordinator; Oluwasegun Majekodunmi, Director, Edo Jobs Entrepreneurship Department, Edo State Skills Development Agency; Ifeoma Okoye, Corporate Affairs and Community Relations Manager, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company; Aderinsola Amobi-Daniel, Special Operations and Events, African Women Leaders; Tinah Balewa, Business Development Coach/Training Coach; Grace Takon, Lecturer, at the business presentation and certification ceremony of the first group of the Enterprise and Leadership Program (ELP), sponsored by the Coca-Cola Foundation.

Speaking in collaboration with the Coca-Cola Foundation, Francesca Uriri, Founder of Leading Ladies Africa said: “The company and leadership program started in 2019, and since then we have affected more than 500 women entrepreneurs. We are delighted to receive support from the Coca-Cola Foundation, as it enables us to reach and directly impact 1000 women, strengthening our work in promoting inclusion, diversity and gender equality for African women and girls.”

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Speaking further, he said: “In addition to hands-on, practical training, women entrepreneurs who sign up for this program will be connected to buyers, and have access to financing coins to grow and expand their business.

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We are shooting the first team in Benin City, Edo State, and we will play the second team in Warri, Delta State.

Speaking in collaboration with African leaders, Saadia Madsbjerg, President, Coca-Cola Foundation, put it succinctly:

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“It is important that we do what we can to help African women achieve equality and empowerment. We hope that this modest donation will have a positive impact on these women in a way that really change the story for Nigerian women as a whole.”

The mission of African Women Leaders is to build diverse communities with the participation of African women leaders, who are equipped to bring sustainable solutions to Africa’s most pressing social and economic challenges. Last year, the organization hosted the annual Leadership By Design Summit, which had its director, Dr. Olufolake Abdulrazaq, First Lady of Kwara State, as the keynote speaker.


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