Short Floor Lamp

Short Floor Lamp – Warm and playfully glowing light from 100% natural birch bark, our lamps create a cozy and intimate atmosphere in your home.

No – Bark is collected from the tree once a year. Here, only the top layer is removed

Short Floor Lamp

There are many reasons for making products in Siberia. On the one hand, because birch bark is especially suitable there. Thicker and sturdier than our native maple species. First, the use of birch bark in Siberia has a tradition dating back thousands of years. We want to save this craft from extinction and use old knowledge to create local jobs to give people new perspectives.

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My product looks different from the picture on the website. Does it affect the results or performance of a similar product?

No, developments or other irregularities in the shell do not affect its special properties. Since each product is made from 100% natural ingredients, no two of them are the same – each one is unique!

Yes. The shell surface is very dense and therefore repels water and dirt. For example, our storage containers can be cleaned with running, hot water. Helpful care instructions are included with each product.

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Does the crust dry out after a while? Do you need to use maintenance products to maintain it?

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No. Under normal conditions (room temperature), the shell is always soft and flexible. Ideally, birch bark products should not be used/stored in the oven or at freezing temperatures. No other maintenance required.

We sell our products in many stores in Germany and other countries. The list can be found in the footer of the website.

We ensure that all parts that come into contact with food are free from harmful substances. E.g. The lids of our Tuesa storage containers are treated with water-based wood stain and covered only with beeswax. We carefully select artisan companies in Germany and Austria to manufacture our other high-quality components, such as metal frames.

The reason the products don’t have the usual white color is because we remove the top layers of the shell by hand to take advantage of the unique properties of the velvety soft inner layers.

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Birch bark does not show any allergens, so it does not pose any danger to people who are allergic to birch pollen.

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Find your favorite piece – Many stores offer personal advice from real maple fans. Or have questions? Please contact us personally and we will be happy to help you anytime.

Birch bark has been used to make products for generations – some of which are still used today. The natural material is very strong and durable, and carefully crafted to last for a long time.

With social and environmental responsibility, we not only create and manufacture design products that renew thousands of crafts, but also offer birch bark as an alternative to leather and plastic. We want you to be a part of our journey! The Danish brand specializes in luxury designer furniture and decorative items. In creating them, the brand’s Scandinavian heritage stands for clean, uncluttered lines and fine craftsmanship. It is well noted

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. Even without the lamp, this piece is an eye-catching decorative piece. It is called cygnus, which means swan. It is really beautiful and graceful like a swan. This lamp has a shade with gaps and an opening at the top through which the stem passes. The slim powder-coated steel body matches the color of the shade and features a gold-tone trim radiating from the center of the shade, below it, and housed in a circular base. Cuts and other details reflect the appearance of a graceful swan in flight.

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Diameter 30 cm, height 48 cm. The length of the cord is 300 cm. A suitable lamp with an E27 socket can be ordered under accessories. Available in dark or light, both contrast beautifully with decorative touches of gold.

We carry all products of this brand. If you can’t find a specific item in our store or want to get a custom price, please send us an inquiry.

*Items exceeding 2 meters and/or weighing more than 50 kilograms are excluded. Here too, our premium service (+ €69) is automatically added to your order to provide you with the best possible service.

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