Russia’s war on Ukraine latest news: NATO pledges more military, energy aid for Ukraine

Nov 29 (Reuters) – The United States and NATO allies have pledged more weapons for Kyiv and equipment to help restore Ukrainian forces and the heat that was unleashed by Russian missiles and aircraft, while calls for airstrikes is ringing across Ukraine for the first time this week.


* NATO allies have said they will help Ukraine repair power infrastructure badly damaged by a series of Russian bombings in what the NATO chief says is Moscow using the freezing winter temperatures as a “weapon of war”.

* The head of NATO says that the allies are discussing the delivery of Patriot air defense units to Ukraine. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned NATO not to do so and called the alliance a “criminal group”.

* NATO governments must make a political decision to send modern battle tanks to Ukraine to give them a military edge against invading Russian forces in the winter months, Lithuania’s foreign minister said.

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* Russia accused the United States of toxic anti-Russian behavior that it said had led it to walk away from nuclear weapons talks with US officials in Cairo this week. US-Russia relations have descended into the worst conflict zone in 60 years since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

* The Group of Seven Democracies (G7) has agreed to create a network to coordinate war crimes investigations, as part of a move to prosecute people suspected of atrocities in Ukraine.

* Russia is trying to make the United States understand that the increasing role of the US in the conflict in Ukraine carries increasing risks, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Tuesday. Moscow has repeatedly complained that Western military support for Ukraine is fueling the conflict.


* The United States has announced 53 million dollars to support the purchase of electrical network equipment for Ukraine.

* Ukraine is struggling to restore full power nearly a week after a wave of Russian missiles damaged power supplies across the country.

* Kyiv plans to put up Christmas trees, without lights, across the devastated capital in a show of disrespect for the holiday spirit as millions of local residents suffer from power outages electricity, officials said.

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* Drilling through thick mud, a Ukrainian soldier who dug near Russian positions in the eastern Donbas region, vividly recounted how his team had to use buckets to dig out trenches which are full of water. Heavy rain and plummeting temperatures make conditions even bleaker on the front lines as the battle drags on into winter.

* Russian forces attacked 30 residential areas in Ukraine’s southern Kherson region 258 times last week, Zelenskiy said.

* The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine remains under Russian control and will remain so, the Kremlin said, after a Ukrainian official commented that the Russian troops are preparing to leave.

* Reuters cannot verify reports from the battlefield.

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