Rare Black Canada Lynx Snapped in Grassy Field, Internet Marvels at its ‘Hind Legs’

Last updated: November 25, 2022, 11:43 am IST

A Rare Sighting: Black Canada Lynx Caught On Cam.  Here is what it looks like.  (Photo by @jimrosecircus1)

A Rare Sighting: Black Canada Lynx Caught On Cam. Here is what it looks like. (Photo by @jimrosecircus1)

A Black Canada Lynx was spotted by a Twitter user climbing some stairs in the middle of the grass field.

Seeing mysterious beings is always interesting. In one such case, a Black Canada Lynx was caught on camera. Since Canada lynx are already difficult to see, this melanated species was indeed a rare sight. A Twitter user shared a series of snapshots of the creature. Although it is at a distance and the snap is quite innocent, its glory cannot be denied.

One snapshot showed the creature climbing some stairs in the middle of the grassy field and the other showed it sitting quietly in the corner. The tweet read: “Black Canada Lynx, caught on camera for the first time. Before this there were only reports but no proof that they exist.

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Social media users were in awe of the magnificent creature. Some have noted that looking at its hind legs, they are sure it could jump a great distance in a single leap. One Twitter user wrote: “Look at its hind legs! I bet it can literally jump tall buildings in a single bound.

“We’ve had stories of lynx in Derbyshire for many years. A friend of mine is so sure she saw it while he was out! Weird times when I’m in the middle of nowhere I wonder what if, but I bet that there is more fear of us,” tweeted another user.

A third tweet read: “I love it when I learn something about my country from someone in France. I feel really connected.”

The Canada lynx is a wild felid found in the northernmost forest in the northern hemisphere. It is considered a secretive species that is difficult to spot in the wild, even by experienced hunters. Their population also tends to fluctuate dramatically. There is a peak after the snowfall and then it drops just as quickly. While its large feet help them travel over snow, it has no use for running fast except over short distances. For this reason, the Canada lynx often ambushes or hides its prey from close range.

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