Paul McCartney ‘Couldn’t Ever Get With’ His Piano Lessons as a Kid

Some people are so good at music that they don’t need many lessons to learn to play the guitar. Paul McCartney is one of these musicians and plays instruments well, especially the guitar and piano. Although the former Beatle could play the piano at a high level, he says he was not interested in piano lessons as a child.

Paul McCartney grew up with a piano in his home

Paul McCartney plays piano at the Liverpool Sound concert in 2008
Paul McCartney | MJ Kim/MPL Communications Ltd via Getty Images

Paul McCartney was born and raised in Liverpool, England, like the other Beatles. He grew up in a family of four, where his father worked as a salesman while his mother was a midwife. He always loved music, and he had a piano at home. In an interview with Wired, McCartney said that his father knew how to play the piano but refused to teach him.


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