Palestinian car thief crashes through Ben Gurion Airport checkpoint, is shot: police

A suspected Palestinian carjacker crashed his stolen car at the entrance to Ben Gurion Airport on Sunday morning and was shot dead by security guards who opened fire, police said.

It was the third such incident in as many weeks.

The suspect suffered minor injuries in the shooting and police said he would be questioned after receiving medical treatment.

A suspect who illegally entered Israel from the West Bank stole a car in the country’s central region and drove toward the airport, police said.

Airport security guards spotted the car approaching at high speed before heading the wrong way through the checkpoint.

Airport security responded by opening fire and blocking the road.

Police said the driver posed a threat to security guards and the public.

In a video circulating on social media, passengers at the airport’s international terminal were apparently ordered to lie on the ground during the incident.

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Ziv Hayat, who was at the terminal, told Channel 12 that she was nervous for the first time when the incident began.

“We didn’t know exactly what happened, so everyone was running and screaming in panic. For a while everyone lay down because of sadness and stress. “I was with a group of American tourists who didn’t understand what was going on, so I had to explain to them,” he said. “The case was over in 20 minutes and we were told we could get up and resume our normal activities.”

A similar incident occurred on October 23, when the airport was temporarily closed while the suspect was at large.

On September 22, a Palestinian driver rammed a stolen car through security barriers at Ben Gurion Airport and was unharmed.

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