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OSWEGO – Flags flew boldly in the air as Oswego celebrated Veterans Day with a ceremony that celebrated public service while measuring the cost of that service for those who wear the nation’s uniform.

“The brave men and women who have served in our Armed Forces know all too well what the cost of freedom is,” Oswego American Legion Post 675 commander Kris Kearns said in a speech to a crowd gathered at the Oswego Veterans Memorial Plaza. the heart of the city center.

“It’s missing a kid’s kindergarten game, a daughter’s first dance, multiple birthdays or the last game of a Little League game,” Kearns said.

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“These costs are captured as memories are lost, in the eternal pain of killing another and in the unbearable agony of watching a partner take their last breath,” Kearns said. .

The ceremony was complete with a wreath laying at the war memorial, a gun salute and an honor guard from the Oswego Fire Protection District.

Taps were played by trumpeters Evan Wille, a senior at Oswego High School, and Andrew Sniegowski, a senior at Oswego East High School.

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Both students are active in their school’s marching, jazz and marching bands and were grateful to be a part of the event.

“This really helps us give back to our community and brings more life to the memorial,” Wille said.

Sniegowski said: “It is a great privilege for us. We are very proud to be here.

A group of four eighth graders from the Thompson Junior High School band sang the National Anthem as part of the ceremony.

The team included Andrew Perez, Ty Mueller, Annabella Lovero and Xavier Martinez. They were led by choir director Julie Kleinmaier.

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As the younger Perez sang, his father, veteran Joe Perez, stood looking on, holding an American flag. My father, whose service in the United States Army included a tour of duty in Iraq, wore his sergeant’s uniform to the ceremony.

Oswego City President Troy Parlier issued an official proclamation from the city board to mark Veterans Day in the community.

Parlier said: “I encourage citizens to recognize the bravery and sacrifice of all veterans.”

U.S. Army veteran Joe Perez of Montgomery puts his arm around son Andrew, a member of the Thompson Junior High School choir, at the end of Veterans Day services on Nov.  11, 2022 in the city of Oswego.  Father and son on the left are choir director Julie Kleinmaier and student Xavier Martinez, and on the right are students Ty Mueller and Annabella Lovero.


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