Ojoku Poly, NGO groom student on entrepreneurship

The Ojoku Polytechnic, located in Ilemona, and Face of Liberty International, a non-profit organization, have joined forces in an effort to teach the students the importance of entrepreneurship.

The program is confirmed on 26th of October 2022.

Speaking during the event at the Polytechnic campus in Ilemona on Wednesday, the Rector of The Polytechnic Ojoku, Mr. Salaudeen Oyewale commended the Face of Liberty International for extending its hand and partnership with the institution.

Oyewale is from Ag. The registrar of the Polytechnic, Abdulsalam Olaide, said that “as evident, this is another aspect of our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. I am very happy and I must thank the partner at this meeting, Face of Liberty International.

“Business is the way we have gone in a good way to challenge our new challenges. Our company enters the source of human relations and relations.

“It is clear that this event allowed all of us to gather experience in real life about starting a business. I believe that this event, which is more or less, training, will make everyone n “to make us understand more responsibility and confidence, holding a position as a leader in the industry and a strong competitor,” he said.

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Oyewale also encouraged students to take advantage of the Federal Government’s business development program which is aimed at reducing unemployment and ensuring increased self-employment among graduates.

In other words, Hammed J. Sulaiman said that the partnership is to create a great plan for those who want to do business who want to promote their business and share some of the responsibilities of being an entrepreneur.

Hammed, who is a Public Relations Officer at the Polytechnic said, “As a company we understand that it is our responsibility to come up with solutions to the problems in our environment and indeed society.

“Unemployment is one of the challenges facing this country today. We decided to partner with Face of Liberty International to teach our students the importance of interest which is the future of workers.

“We strive to turn brains into brawn for Nigeria and indeed the world by promoting rapid development, and moving immediately to higher levels such as knowledge-based education,” Hammed said.

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Hammed also called on the government to focus on providing the necessary infrastructure, environment and infrastructure that will help many businesses.

Also, Leonard Ogunweide, the founder and Cheif Executive Officer of Face of Liberty International said that the choice of influencing knowledge in the student is because they are the next leaders.

“The choice of our students is because they are the next leaders who can change the country. Fathers and mothers are the ones we are looking for, but not the first goal. Their power to draw things has diminished in ‘due to age, occupation and other factors.

“Students, on the other hand, have nothing to do other than go to class, click on the phone and buy data. They don’t have a family to take care of.

“We came here to open people’s minds to the process of buying and selling. We have seen that many people fail in what they should do, and this caused their business to fail. Everyone wants to do more and -does not want to know where the business is or understand why other people started the business in the first place. So they keep failing. They get loans they can’t pay back and start running. from election to election.

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“Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to live up to our principles which is to use human creativity to improve people.

“We thank the management of the Polytechnic, Ojoku for giving us the opportunity.

“We taught them the concept of entrepreneurship, the process of entrepreneurship, the challenges and opportunities in it.”

The event was hosted by Dr. Oluwafemi Kehinde of the Department of Electrical and Electronics; Dr Owoseni Adekunle, the Ag. Director of Educational Planning; Mr. Azeez Sulaiman Olawale, CEO of Bright Future Integrated Ventures; Mr. Adeniyi Abdullah, Ag. Chief Financial Officer; among other workers.


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