Nail Salon Cranston Ri

Nail Salon Cranston Ri – “You’ve been to some amazing places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so … go ahead! “. ~ Dr. Seuss

This week I was given the opportunity to get some tan at the MiniLuxe Spa. There are several locations, but I went to the newest, Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Nail Salon Cranston Ri

This is no ordinary nail, brow and wax salon – clean, bright and happy places. The clean and modern lines, but the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere will immediately transport you to a place of peace… even if the outside says otherwise. All employees work to improve their craft, fine art is a true art that is constantly changing, salons look for fashion trends as well as classic beauty and customer care.

The Nail Bar North

MiniLuxe is an entrepreneurial brand that takes a different approach to the nail care industry and strives to provide great service to its customers and staff – a message I really like. Their culture is pure, it transcends purity – it raises purity to a higher level. It means clean business, clean ethics and clean methods. MiniLuxe takes care of their staff by banning toxins in all the products they offer and not limiting their wide range of services, providing the best for their customers. This means they use as few toxins as possible, only work with natural nail polish, and avoid anything that could contaminate or harm bacteria.

MiniLuxe products are delivered from nail to nail without touching the top of the hand, for example, gently drip – bacteria do not spread. Individual files give you as you go (perfection!!!) And even when waxing there is no double dipping – they use a new wooden applicator stick every time! No jets in a beautiful teaching area, as they promote bacterial growth, and the unit is self-contained for space. In other words:

After an extra long day, there’s nothing like a little self-care, which the MiniLuxe range offers. Their mission is to help customers feel their best every day through small moments of luxury. Don’t think it’s selfish to focus on yourself because it feels so good to be first. After all, it’s about you! Two

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The cabin was so comfortable it felt like a runway, but focused on the real world and I found my garden in the hustle and bustle of city life.

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I decided to shape my eyebrows and touch my eyes… I needed it too because I’ve been doing it for years and I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun. After reading my face shape, asking about my skin care routine, and evaluating how I take care of my eyebrows (they’re just beautiful, I’m sure!), Brandi put me completely at ease. Although I love the shape of my eyebrows, in the last few years they have started to lose their symmetry. Some really scary! But now they are, as the children say: busy! One of the coolest things? After waxing, Brandi handed me a mirror and showed me how to fill in my brows beautifully…a full service experience.

Do I have nails? Let’s be real. I washed the dishes, changed diapers, braided, washed the floor, painted the walls, folded the laundry. I shed my tears, blow my nose and hug all day. I have strong hands and I love them, but they get old fast because I put them in and they deserve some TLC. I love doing manicures and pedicures at home (see the procedure, did we do our toes the other day?), but this manicure was different than the 10 minutes I gave. It was a 30 minute procedure that felt like an hour.

Vicky was incredible, checking her work on every nail, shaping and polishing it to perfection. I love the color

, it’s a neutral color – I wanted it with pink for myself. This combo polish is guaranteed to last 5 days (10 days) and dries so quickly that I can’t wait to give Addi for Mother’s/Daughter’s Day (she can even keep her nails from drying for 5 minutes!) .

Begins Nail Spa

I had a great time and modeled my hands a bit on the way out – if you can’t have a bit of glamor on your hands, where can you be, right?!

MiniLuxe is amazing and takes beauty and self-care to a whole new level! I can’t bring it with me when I visit my mom next month to visit her MiniLuxe DeLuxe massage manicure / pedi for years! Which treatment would you like to try?

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I was given free treatment in exchange for an examination. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This is the most unexpected place. Da~Vi Nails is a clean and well appointed nail salon located in the new Walmart Supercenter in Plains Square. This salon,…

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This is the most unexpected place. Da~Vi Nails is a clean and well appointed nail salon located in the new Walmart Supercenter in Plains Square. Owned by longtime nail professionals and business owners Anna and Michael Tran, this salon is the perfect answer to every woman’s busy life. It’s the perfect place for a mom on the run, a woman looking to squeeze in a busy day, or anyone looking to pamper themselves without adding another trip to their schedule. Comfortable pleasure is the best combination.

Michael and Anna Tran have built strong relationships with their clients over the years. Many people know Anna Tran from the family’s other nail salon, Rhode Island Nails, in north Providence. Trans is very grateful to these customers who go above and beyond to ensure a quality experience here at Da~Vi’s Nails. Just ask one of their most loyal customers, Paula, who has been visiting her salon in North Providence for over 11 years. He said of the pair: “They treat everyone personally, they are such a team; It’s incredible and I’ll follow them anywhere.”

At Da~Vi Nails you will find a full range of manicure and pedicure services, including:

Welcome To Fringe Salon

The color options are endless, not to mention options like nail art, airbrushing, and nail art. Escape the crowded aisles of Walmart, relax and unwind at Da~Vi Nail.

To make it even better, you can also get Da~Vi nails here. Anna’s regular clients travel from the area to get professional eyebrow treatments from her – “People love her for her eyebrows!” Anna is skilled, efficient and always right. Eyelash extensions are the best way to make your lashes look longer and fuller – by adding short, medium or long extensions. They’re cheap and durable – a great way to liven up your look in minutes. Carrying ensures that you look great when you step out to complete your shopping list or go on a special night out.

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Da~Vi Nails is located in the Walmart Supercenter at 1776 Plains Square. Working hours: Monday – Saturday, from 10:00 to 20:00, Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00. Walk-ins welcome, gift certificates available. Benefit from a 10% discount on all their services! Call them today at 946-0199.

Three years after the hit, Fox State Police in Rhode Island were called to the scene. The New York plates did not match this car. The staff is on point… Come to Garden City Nail Salon in Cranston for a manicure or pedicure and you’ll feel pampered and rejuvenated.

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Located on Shoconoset Cross Road is the amazing new Park City Nail Spa. This elegant and sophisticated resort officially opened its doors a few weeks ago in early June, but has already welcomed customers from all over the region. The salon is a family run business offering a wide range of services from manicures to pedicures.

As soon as you step into the Garden City nail polish, it seems like a care in the world has been left behind. It is calm and peaceful, with elegant nails, soothing color schemes, comfortable furniture (including soft chairs in the teaching section), bright floral arrangements and organic details such as hanging pine trees, live plants and tall grasses. Everything has been thoughtfully designed to give guests of this resort a sense of escape and refuge.

Customers who visit this new nail salon always leave with beautiful nails. Nail techniques

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