MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Strange World’ — Another Mediocre Effort By Disney

Do you remember when Disney made classic movies? It seems too long to me. In my opinion, Disney’s last great movie was “Zootopia,” and Pixar’s last was “Coco.” Now, Disney doesn’t think about or care about the most important aspect of any of their movies, which is the story.

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Jaeger Clade (Dennis Quaid) is an intrepid explorer who leads a group of adventurers to find life outside their homeland of Avalonia. He is accompanied by his intrepid son, Searcher (Jake Gyllenhaal), who accidentally falls for a powerful drug called Pando. Jaeger wants to progress, but Searcher believes it is important to return home to use this new energy source to provide power and technological advancements for their entire village. Years later, Avalonia becomes a mini-utopia thanks to the discovery of Pando. One day, Searcher discovers that the disease is infecting and killing the Pando, and if nothing is done to stop the disease, Pando may die. Huli takes another trip below the surface to find the root of the problem. He is joined by his wife Meridian (Gabrielle Union), son Ethan (Jaboukie Young-White), and a group of tourists. They must encounter a new world in order to avoid a terrible disaster.


I will say that “Strange World” is more fun than Lightyear, but that’s not saying much. I can tell that this movie is going to be a tough sell from the trailers released. It’s just a mediocre Disney movie. At most, there were ten people when I showed “Strange World” and there was no interest. “Strange World” is good to be a strange world, but it also needs to be a beautiful world and more importantly, an interesting world so that the audience won’t get bored. The designs are not very interesting, and everything is very similar. There are many reds and oranges in this world. The living things in the plasma or squid design and, again, lack any interest. One of the main characters, Splat, is a blue slime that walks alone. I will give credit to Disney for allowing this actor to express himself through pantomime rather than providing an annoying celebrity voice to talk to others.


There are many messages in this movie. The main message is about protecting the environment, but the other is about fathers and sons. The two fathers in this film planned their sons’ futures without giving them a choice. And the last and last argument leads to acceptance of their sons and their dreams. “Strange World” also features the first major opening scene in a Disney film.

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alien world eth clade

As much as Ethan’s sexuality is handled, it’s comforting to know that Ethan doesn’t have to fight or worry about acceptance from his family or society. It is also important to note that Ethan’s character is not defined by his sexuality, but as an individual and what he dreams of achieving. Ethan is not good, unlike the other characters in the film. He fails sometimes, but he never gives up and keeps trying. And because of this scene, most people can relate to Ethan, and he becomes a favorite character in the movie.

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“Strange World” does a good job with messaging about environmental protection and tolerance, but the story still needs to move forward. Focusing on writing a compelling story is Disney’s main goal. If Disney wants to include messages or ideas about society in their movies, it will come later, but don’t overdo it, and don’t tell your audience. In the end, the audience should leave happy. We hope that Disney will start welcoming us again.

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I give Strange World a 6/10.

Editor’s Note: This article contains the views of the author, Joe Hogarty. These opinions may not be related to WDWNT LLC, Tom Corless, or anyone else on this planet. Please post your thoughts in the comments section below.


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