Mob of students beats pregnant dog to death in Delhi, video goes viral on internet : The Tribune India


New Delhi, November 20

About 25 students and staff, suspected to be from Don Bosco Technical Institute in southeast Delhi, allegedly ganged up on a pregnant street dog and beat her to death after torturing her, officials said.

After the video of the gruesome murder, which happened in a park, surfaced on social media, the New Friends Colony police registered an FIR in the matter.

According to the complaint, two brothers of the institute were also said to be present under the instructions of the senior staff.

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The disturbing video shows an all-male gang of students chasing the scared dog inside a tin shed on the campus of the institute, which was entered by a student with a cane in hand, and the remaining students abandoning him from outside. said

The 15-minute-long video, which has a gruesome visual of the torture and killing of the animal, went viral on Saturday with activists and dog lovers seeking strict action against the accused, suspected to be students of the institute in Okhla.

Later, one of the crowd could be seen dragging the dog through what was reported to be the college compound.

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The horrific act came within days of another video from Ghaziabad showing three people killing a dog by hanging it in a grotesque manner. The accused in this incident have been charged following a complaint filed by the police.

“It is appalling to see such brutality by young students who can be seen laughing as they beat an expectant mother to death,” said Ambika Shukla, Trustee, PFA.

Scientific studies have shown that cruelty to animals is dangerous because it escalates into violence against women and children, she said.

“Over time, the climax of the abuse of a defenseless animal and their power to impose, such abusers, then pull on women and children,” she said.

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Shukla said there are many studies that show an overlap between animal abuse and domestic violence and child abuse.

“Today’s animal abusers are tomorrow’s serial killers. That is why it is so important for society to take serious note of every instance of animal abuse.

“These boys must be rusticated by the college and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The institution must be severely punished as not only its students but also its employees are involved,” she said.


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