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Metal Cut In Box

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Are you interested in trying our metal laser cutting service, but not sure how to create volume with it? This article is for you! Today I will explain how to laser cut sheet metal without the use of tools, rivets, glue or welding. Thanks to that, by creating 3D objects, laser cutting becomes a real alternative to 3D printing!

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This is the second article in our series on laser metal cutting: the first explained how to laser cut metal without the use of tools.

Assorted Gift Box Metal Cutting Dies Embossing Stencils Diy Scrapbooking Crafts Home & Garden Tr10107437

We offer you several versions of two techniques tested by our designers: the use of folding metal strips or metal hooks to connect parts. All of our testing is done on our aluminum laser cutting material which has the advantage of being the lightest, easiest to assemble and cheapest metal to laser cut. You can also use these techniques in our laser cutting of stainless steel and raw steel.

In the following paragraphs we describe several binding techniques, but the process is the same for all: to laser cut a vector file, you need to design a flat version of the tape on the sheet and a compliance mark. On other pages as seen here.

Then you can lightly mash the strips with your hand or spoon. Then you insert them into the corresponding notches and twist to complete the closure. For example, the above sheets when combined look like this:

We also describe several hooking techniques that share the same basics: the hooks should go into the notches. When designing the 2D file, make sure the two metal sheets are flat as the hooks slide into place as follows:

Metal Cutting Dies Pretty Pillow Box Panels Die Cut Mold Card Scrapbook Paper Craft Knife Mould Blade Punch|

Here you can see that the hooks are lower than the cutout before assembly. This is because the hooks must be inserted for assembly and then lowered. Only then can the two plates be aligned.

Also make sure that the distance between the hook and the edge of the section is equal to the thickness of the material (between the hook and the right side of the sheet there is a distance of 1 mm, because the left side of the sheet is 1 mm thick).

We use this first method to connect several sheets of metal together (in parallel) as we showed in the first example:

This technique can be used in different ways depending on how strong you want your bond to be.

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Grey Metal Box With Hinged Lid Stock Photo

Thanks to the double strips, each pointing in a different direction, you can be sure that the laser cut sheet will not be damaged. This time:

If you need extra grip, these curved stripes are better than those that run parallel to the outer edge of the sheet.

It is enough to adjust the length of the strip to take into account the thickness of the added sheet. Here: We added an extra 1mm thick plate to make the strip 1mm long.

Adding more material to your team can be very beneficial. In the example below, we attached a sheet of laser cut acrylic (PMMA) to a sheet of metal. An imaginable advantage is that PMMA can be easily laser engraved while metal is not. So if you want to add lettering or images to your object, PMMA may be an option.

Steel City 1 Gang 3 In. X 2 In. Old Work Metal Electrical Switch Box Lxow 25r

This technique still uses folding strips, this time holding the top and bottom of the acrylic sheet together. Of course, you can use all of the above techniques and apply them to your chosen materials (however, remember that not all materials are collapsible).

Among the materials we offer for laser cutting, others are ideal for laser engraving, especially plywood and MDF.

This first technique involves making three folding strips so that one goes down and two goes up. Whoever goes up will fall over the edge, and whoever comes down will be held in place. Depending on the angle at which you hang the strips, you can choose the angle between the two metal sheets.

As you can see here, the two overlapping strips are longer than the middle strip, depending on the thickness of the metal (here they are 1mm long because the laser cut sheet is 1mm thick).

Metal Laser Cut Screen Light Box Sculpture Decor Light

With this technique, you insert the strips into the notches and then fold them. The advantage is that the opening remains visible, which can be used as an aesthetic or technical part of your design.

This is the same as the previous two techniques, except instead of stripes you make non-twisting hooks. The distance of the hook from the sheet is important here: it should be equal to the thickness of the material so that it can be tightened very tightly.

You can use all these techniques to create volume with laser cut objects – so laser cutting becomes a real alternative to 3D printing when it comes to creating 3D objects. Some assembly is required, but with all these techniques, you won’t need a lot of tools (mostly pliers).

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The example we created is a box made from the template below. We covered the pattern and then attached it tightly using the folding strap technique (see image below).

Tp217 Eaton Gangable Old Work Box

Here you can see the folding bar in the bottom right corner that keeps the box in place.

You can immediately upload your 2D file, test our laser cutting services and start creating your object – 2D or 3D.

And if you want to run your own tests, get inspired by our test tablet: these are our laser-cut metal samples coming out of the laser cutter:

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Provide OEM clients and designs / solutions are also available for support. Based on our state-of-the-art equipment and 10 years of experience in our region, complex metal products are allowed for residential and commercial spaces. Our process types now have a wide range, including laser cutting / shaping / cutting / laminating / milling / welding / assembly. All our products and complications are based on expertise, focus, responsibility and complete equipment. Feel free to contact us regarding a potential business opportunity.

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