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Former Vice President Mike Pence asked Georgians to vote — and pray — for Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, along with his family and “all they’ve endured” as he spoke at a rally Tuesday in Cumming , Georgia, just days before Election Day.

Pence stood next to Kemp, whom former President Donald Trump sought to unseat earlier this year in the Republican primary, and praised the incumbent as “one of the most successful governors ever.” most in the United States of America.”

“I want to encourage you, if you’re inclined to bow your head and kneel every now and then, the next six and a half days would be a good time to do it,” Pence said. “I want to encourage you to pray for this good family. Pray for all they have endured to make Georgia more prosperous and safer.”

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While Trump is doing everything in his power to see Kemp denied the Republican nomination for a second term, in an act of political revenge after Kemp refused to back up his lies about voter fraud In Georgia two years ago, Pence made a strong case for Kemp again. elections.

Pence noted his support for Kemp during the 2018 GOP primary contest, saying he was “for Brian Kemp before it was cool,” and praised the governor for advancing Georgia’s “equal agenda” which the Trump administration was pushing for the country.

Asked after his remarks whether Kemp’s victory would provide a “blueprint” for other Republicans going forward, Pence didn’t bite, telling reporters he was “focused on complete in 2022” and that Kemp “won a deep connection with the people of this country.”

When Pence was pressed about what campaign he would run, Pence — without naming Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker — said he supported the entire national GOP slate.

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“I support the entire ticket here in Georgia, but I’m here for Governor Brian Kemp today,” Pence said. “We probably didn’t have a great partner for economic growth, for law and order, or for our values, during our time in the White House.

Pence also repeatedly praised Kemp’s decision to reopen businesses in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic in late April 2020.

“Georgia was the first state in America to reopen, and Brian Kemp led the way,” Pence said to applause. But the decision at the time was surprised even by Trump, who told reporters at the time that he disagreed with the move, saying it would come “very soon” — and told Kemp as much.

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In his remarks, Kemp spoke about his decision, saying “Georgians cannot live in their basements, losing everything they have, because of the virus,” and argued that this process has helped the country’s economic growth.

Pence also defended Georgia’s new voting laws, passed in 2021, which increased restrictions on voting, making it more difficult to vote absentee, while increasing the number of days early voting. Turnout, so far, has been strong, beating other state records.

Both Kemp and Pence blasted Abrams in their remarks, describing him as too liberal for Georgia and criticizing his support for certain criminal justice reform measures.

“Talk to your neighbors and friends across the fence, your colleagues, send your family members around the district, tweet if you have to,” Pence fumed, as Kemp scoffed. behind him. “Tell someone about Brian Kemp.


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