Live updates: Qatar’s historic World Cup loss as rival fans chant for beer, Jason David Frank dies, and NSW flood latest

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Written by Peta Fuller

A severe weather warning has been issued as gale force winds cross Victoria

A strong storm with a speed of more than 80 km per hour hit the state during the night SES received around 500 calls Request help within 24 hours.

Today, the average wind speed is 50-70 km/h Up to 110 km pending.

State duty Aaron White Several weeks of wet weather have created some dangerous conditions that could bring down more trees, he said.

Written by Peta Fuller

Parliament could be extended as Labor attempts to pass a signature bill in the Senate

Labor wants to be controversial Industrial Relations Bill It’s just past Christmas, but the main crossbar support will be needed.

What is this about? The government believes expanding multi-employer agreements will boost wages, but some outside experts want more time to consider the unintended consequences of the changes.

Leader of the Labor Senate Katie Gallagher He is talking to members of the Senate about extending the agenda Two days:

“We’ve got a lot of bills to deal with, and the senate is going to be a wild old place for the next couple of weeks to draft legislation and debate legislation, so I think we’re going to have some extra time, we’re not locked in. Everyone’s going to be involved.”

Katie Gallagher on TV
(ABC News)

By Bridget Judd

Tuan Tuan, the panda who symbolized reunification with China, died in Taipei

Tuan Tuan, one of two giant panda Gifted to Taiwan by China, he died after a short illness.

The cause of death was not immediately released, but previous reports suggested the panda had brain cancer.

Tuan Tuan and his partner Yuan Yuan donated it to the zoo in 2008. warm relationship Between China and Taiwan, which were divided during the civil war in 1949.

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Both were born in China in 2004 and managed to have a pair of cubs in Taiwan.

Written by Peta Fuller

Over 100 SES alerts across NSW

According to the SES, the threat of the storm moved to the northeast of the state today, while the flood front received them. More than 617 calls for help were made Within 24 hours.

And they are Over 100 current alertsYou can find the full list here:

Written by Peta Fuller

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‘Worst floods they’ve ever seen’: NSW flood threat continues

The ABCs Kamin Gok is inside Forbes Here’s where the water is falling today (more damage is being assessed) but the danger is elsewhere:

“In Eubalong Overnight, their makeshift dam was punctured and had to be quickly filled with sandbags. CondobolinA 4km temporary embankment separates the CBD from the Lachlan River, a record high. The worst flood they had ever experienced,” he said.

And look at that wall here Condobolin:

By Bridget Judd

Ukraine says it will investigate footage of prisoners being shot

A view of residential buildings destroyed by fighting in Borodyanka, Kyiv region, Ukraine, Sunday, Nov. 13, 2022.
Battles are taking place in Borodyanka, Kyiv region.(AP)

Ukraine is investigating a video posted on Russian social media that shows Ukrainian forces killing Russian soldiers who may have tried to surrender.

“Obviously, the Ukrainian authorities will investigate this video,” Olha Stefanyshyn, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, who oversees the country’s EU accession process, said at a security forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“The short, edited pieces are very unlikely to show what Moscow is saying,” Stefanishina said in a speech late Saturday.

Russian authorities announced on Friday that they had launched a criminal investigation based on excerpts from Russian Telegram channels and other social media, painting a confusing and incomplete picture.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the footage showed an execution and that Russia wanted an international investigation.

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Written by Peta Fuller

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‘Can’t believe it’: Power Rangers star Jason David Frank dies aged 49

You may remember Jason David Frank (Green Energy Ranger) From the original 90s kids show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – So the sad news of his death at the age of 49 overnight.

Played together Walter JonesWHO was Black Power Ranger and paid tribute to the late actor.

Tuy TrangThe original Yellow Power Ranger died in a car accident in 2001 at the age of 27.

Loading Instagram content

A statement from Frank’s manager did not reveal the cause of death.

By Bridget Judd

The main event

A British actor destroyed a $17,000 bill linked to Qatar’s World Cup deal

According to a little off-the-field news, the British comedian will pay £10,000 (Over $17,000) on a bill after giving the English football captain David Beckham An ultimatum to resign as Qatar’s ambassador to the World Cup.

Beckham, who played as a midfielder for Manchester United and Real Madrid, is based in Qatar, where he has been criticized for his treatment of foreign workers and restrictions on LGBTQ+ rights and social laws.

Joe Lisette Beckham said last week that if he agreed to cut ties with the World Cup organizer, he would donate the money to charity or spend the money before the tournament (although it should be noted that Beckham has not publicly acknowledged or responded to the prospect).

Written by Peta Fuller

Djokovic breaks Federer’s record in Italy

Novak Djokovic set a record 6th ATP Finals Winning 3rd place won Turin Casper Ruud.

Djokovic won 7-5, 6-3 Consolidated their first title since 2015 Roger Federer’s record.

Written by Peta Fuller

Watch: Empty seats *before* full-time as Qatar suffer historic defeat

Written by Peta Fuller

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The focus of flooding in NSW changes

Water is flowing Forbesallows for more damage assessment there, but downstream groups are the most recent concern.

In particular, the cities have not been flooded Condobolin – Some residents while in Riverina Denilikin was informed about the relocation 10 on Wednesdayor risk evacuation routes being closed.

Written by Peta Fuller

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One thing that happened overnight: The Heroic clubhouse players stopped shooting Colorado

Five people were killed and 18 injured when a gunman opened fire at a gay nightclub late at night, and we now know who he is. patrons overwhelmed.

Colorado Springs Police Chief Adrian Vazquez added that “at least two heroic individuals” confronted the gunman and stopped the shooting.

“We owe them a huge debt of gratitude.”

Police are still investigating the motive, and the attack may be considered a hate crime.

A man puts flowers outside a nightclub.
(AP: Geneva Heffernan)

Written by Peta Fuller

Australia’s Wanted News: Jason David Frank has died

  • Jason David Frank: famous for playing the green Power Ranger Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series from the 90s He died at the age of 49. In a statement, his manager did not name the cause or time of death, but he did ask for the following.

“The privacy of his family and friends at this terrible time as we come to terms with the loss of such a wonderful man.”

Jason David Frank waves to the crowd
Jason David Frank in 2013.(Jonathan Phillips/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, AP, File)

Written by Peta Fuller

The main event

And one more thing: “We want a beer,” shouted the World Cup fans.

Well first, in case you missed it, Qatar A historic World Cup loss overnight (they lost 2-0 to Ecuador).

But the controversial, last-minute call to ditch the beer caught fans off guard:


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