Jenna Ortega’s ‘Wednesday’ Dance Scene Is the Moment the Show Becomes Great

If we’re being honest, it’s Netflix Wednesday It’s, for most of its run, kind of blah—monotone, unimaginative, and a little wanting in the emotional borrowing we’ve seen before. But give it four episodes (I know, I know) and you’ll see one of the best kooky dance scenes television has pulled off in a while. In an explosion of flabby arms, high locks, and sharp eyes, Jenna Ortega gave Wednesday (and Wednesday) is a school dance to remember.

What is the name chosen for Nevermore Academy’s prom? Rave’N Dance, of course. Our lady of black dresses and curtains doesn’t really like the fête, but she started with a day at her door, thanks to a little help from her favorite hand, Thing. (The Thing puts him in a suit for the event using “handmade shrinking.”)

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The stage was set from the start for a set piece. The Rave’N Dance, like most televised school dances, is more expensive than a high school prom. From the icy red lighting to the white sequins, this dance is simply stunning. Then on the Wednesday trip, the sun was in the car, with an amazing hooded top. Get “Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps.

Now that’s right Wednesday-a novel, even Tim Burton, often feels hungry for electricity – the action begins. (At least, while Jenna Ortega is holding her hands.)

But let’s discuss some of those dance moves. At one point, Ortega called the “corpse bride;” Her arms and neck were flailing as if released by a marionette. Then he will pull the arm with the comfort of Britney Spears on his Onyx tour, although at an angle that will make him more attractive. The photography in these photos only adds to the magic—jumping, at times, to capture the widening of Ortega’s eyes as he turns his head to the music.

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Wednesday’s appearance at the Dance Rave’N was an unexpected turn of events for her peers, but the Addams family has a rich history with dance. The original series featured several episodes in which various characters tried to teach Lurch—the servile man who resembled Frankenstein’s monster best known for yelling, “You sound? “—how to groove. First it was Gomez and Morticia in Season 1, then Wednesday gave Lurch another lesson in Season 2.

And who can forget Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia having fun, almost to death The Addams Family Properties, gave a new meaning to the words “fire on the dance floor”?

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Nice to see that Wednesday continues this time honored Addams tradition. But who is behind this act of choreographic chaos? It turns out that Ortega himself was the one who created the thing in a week – and then shot it while sick with COVID.

“I’m not a dancer,” Ortega said NME, and I’m sure it’s clear. He said he got the song about a week before the shooting time. On the morning of filming, he said he woke up feeling “like I’d been hit by a car and a goblin had been pushed down my throat and was laughing at the walls of my esophagus.” .”

Jenna Ortega on Wednesday Addams.

Vlad Cipolea/Netflix

The work gives Ortega medicine between delivery, he said. NME, while they await a positive COVID test result. (MGM, who will publish Wednesdaysaid NME “The COVID protocols were followed and once the positive test was confirmed, Jenna was removed from the setting.”) Although Ortega believed that she could have done better in the situation if she had survived, no time to get back to dancing.

The good news is, he killed it. One motivation? Siouxsie Sioux, from British rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees. Ortega told NME that he recorded the video for “Happy House,” from the band’s third album Kaleidoscope—and he may have written some moves from Siouxsie Sioux for his own score.

“There’s a spot in the Wednesday dance where I jump to the left and my arms are out to the side,” he said, “and that’s something [Siouxsie] work in the field after his career.”

With an effort like that (and a family legacy of choreographic excellence) it’s no surprise that Wednesday, wowing the high school class is a sure thing.


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