How You Can Successfully Start a Business or Help a Failing Business Survive

How can you start a successful business or help a failing business survive? Business is a process of overcoming challenges in a continuous manner, and that is what makes business fun, interesting, and rewarding. Starting a new company or trying to turn around a failed company is a big challenge.

As with any startup, there is something metaphysical about taking an idea, turning it into reality, and creating a great new company. The biggest challenges you will face are selling new licenses, gaining trust, and building a large user/customer base. You must be ready to run a marathon.

You should always remember to focus on whether your company can be in the race or not and it can only have one chance to create a global business. Globalization is always a challenge. You deal with different languages ​​and different cultures, and different laws in each country. As the company becomes more global, more people from different countries will join the company. This means you have to adapt.

You have to understand the different lifestyles that every employee has. You must understand the differences in language, culture, customs and ideas. To be successful, you must be able to manage all these complexities within the organization. The key to success is to try to understand all these differences and give each employee the opportunity to add his own culture to the culture of the company.

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I have learned that the skills it takes to start a business are not the same skills it takes to keep a business going. In the beginning, we need to motivate a small group of people to meet deadlines and deliver results. We need to give a lot of guidance, focus and direction. It may seem to others that we try to control ourselves too much. I always tell people to stop just talking about it and do something (ie, start doing).

My philosophy is to lead, follow, or get out of my way. I will tell you that according to your philosophy, you may not be a good friend to anyone. However, I realized that we cannot act fast if we plan fast. We need people who are flexible, who have the ability to make decisions and worship. We need people who can adapt to a constantly changing situation. But I realized that change is not easy to teach. You can’t train people to be consistent. In some companies, you need a few people but people with multifunctional skills.

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To build a company, you have to find good people who work on their work and who have the same passion for building the new company. Don’t forget that people like to have fun, so make your workplace a fun place to work. Work with a flat design process so you can build a cohesive team.

You will also find great investors, who are going to help you and support you in building the company. You need to find people and network that will generate good ideas. Don’t build a business with the intention of selling it, build a company and the exit will follow. Also, make sure you don’t run out of money. That means you have to plan ahead and raise more money than you need. This will help build security and the ability to stay in the game during tough times.

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You will be in front of the customer or end user and respond quickly to existing business ideas. Don’t ignore market fluctuations. The advantage of a small business depends on its ability to adapt to the needs of employees in front of its competitors. But the last and most important rule for all new business success stories is, highlight all the stakeholders. “

Dr. Written by Maky Zanganeh.
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