How Long To Leave Hair Dye In

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Skye Kim is a hairstylist with over a decade of experience. He currently works for Serge Norant at John Frieda in New York.

How Long To Leave Hair Dye In

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Commonly Asked Questions About Coloring Your Hair

Dyeing your hair at home can be scary. In fact, it’s so scary that some people growing up say never touch their hair and always go to the salon. However, coloring hair at home is a myth

Bad or Dangerous You just have to go into the experience with a little knowledge. If you’re covering a bit of gray or want to switch your hair up or down a shade or two, or change the tone, you can probably do it at home. But there are risks. We talked to some of the best hair colorists in the industry to find out who they are. Scroll through to find out everything you need to know about box paint, plus why you should think about it before using it.

You can buy homemade hair dye (also known as hair dye or box dye) at your local drugstore, beauty supply store, or discount store. These are usually fairly cheap ($5-$20) and almost always come with instructions on how to use the paint at home. Color usually blends easily with certain measurements, but does not have the ability to alter pigmentation. The dye is usually a more concentrated formulation than salon hair color, as the color must be strong enough to suit anyone. This means that the formula is the same no matter how fine, coarse, coarse, dark, lightened, highlighted, dyed or chemically treated the hair is. In other words, the color of the box doesn’t matter. However, because they do not suit hair type, there are potential risks here.

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“It may be a good idea to color your hair at home because it can be cost-effective and also because you don’t need to travel to the salon, but,” says Mahsheed Baghai, colorist at Mizu Louis Licari in New York. Remember that this process is not always visible to the customer’s eyes. That it requires attention to specific details.” This includes determining which product to choose to get the results you want, as well as how much paint to add and how much time to leave to set.

Revlon Colorsilk Moisture Rich Color Permanent Hair Dye

Because non-hair professionals aren’t trained to know these things by heart, Christine Arndt, a colorist at New York’s Baja Studio, says people often don’t dye enough boxes to be completely satisfied with their hair. “The result is patchy and uneven, which makes it look cheap and very DIY,” he says. On the other hand, not applying enough paint runs the risk of overpainting the paint and allowing it to process, says Arndt, because it can become too dark, too colorful, and even boring, dry. And not to mention damaged. So, you have to be very careful about how long you leave your hair in so that beauty doesn’t end in disaster.

And then there’s the biggest risk factor: trying to lighten or completely lighten your hair at home. Rob Peitum, founder of Dutch salon chain Rob Peitum, says blondes tend to color their hair unexpectedly and often end up dark and green. Arndt says that’s because the middle shaft and ends of the hair are processed much more slowly than the roots. “So when you lighten, at the same time, the ends appear significantly darker than the roots, creating a very strange and unnatural finish,” she explains.

With all these risks in mind, you might be running for the hills, but don’t give up on cheap hair color just yet. According to Baghai, it’s usually possible to cover up a small amount of gray (read: less than 20 to 30 percent) or match your current hair color. Plus, Arndt says it’s safe to try a box dye if you want to go a little darker or plan to lighten your hair color. “In particular, it is safer to use semi/semi-permanent color at home because it tends to fade more easily than permanent dyes, and is less damaging as it usually builds up and replaces the natural hair shaft. does not do.” “- she explains.

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Remember that if you decide to use box dye, the hair color of the person on the box is not the exact color of your hair. This is almost a photoshopped image. “Creating the right hair color is really a chemistry between what’s in your hair, its health, and its unique porosity,” says celebrity hairstylist Paul Labrecque. “The natural texture of your hair will also determine how your strands will accept and adapt to the new color.”

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If you dye your hair at home, choose a temporary, semi-permanent or semi-permanent color whenever possible. It’s like the difference between a Sharpie and a pencil on a white wall. Sure, you can eventually remove the brush, but the process is much more difficult than trying to remove a pencil. And if you’re doing this for the first time, you might want to start with a pencil.

Also, start thinking about the color and shade you want. Colors described as “warm”, “honey” or “golden” are warm colors. Colors described as “ash” or “beige” are cool hair colors. “Natural” or “neutral” is somewhere between hot and cold.

“Always choose a shade lighter than yours because most DIY colors are darker than what appears on the package. So if you want a lighter shade, choose a mid-tone blonde,” suggests Peetum.

Hair coloring at home can be confusing. Take out some old towels (they can spoil), throw on an old shirt you don’t care about, and be careful not to drip or spill. Hair color touches almost anything (even semi-permanent things).

How To Dye Black Hair Brown

If your hair is long or very thick, buy two boxes of color to ensure even coverage. If you don’t use the second box, you can always return it or use it a second time. Read all instructions before using the color. Then read it again. It’s better to spend an extra 10 minutes reading a picture at the end of the day than to spend three hours fixing orange hair.

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When you feel ready to apply, apply liberally to ensure complete coverage. “Work in small sections, moving from front to back, if you need to clear one section before other areas,” says Arndt. “Put two mirrors side by side so you can see all of their angles.”

Professional stylists have extensive knowledge of hair color shades, levels and how to achieve them. They learn all the possible scenarios that could make for a good hair color and learn how to fix a hair color that doesn’t work. Says Baghai, “A skilled colorist will consider aspects such as skin tone, eye color, hair texture, hair density and hair porosity and can predict the color that best suits the client’s needs. “

Although hair coloring is a science, it is not perfect and even the safest hair coloring can go wrong without rhyme or reason. When your hair is 50 percent or more gray, seek out a professional dyeing service to ensure that there is even coverage of the gray and to prevent your hair from taking on the unwanted colors that usually result in gray hair. There are. Plus, Pitoum says that when you want to make a major change in your hair color (like balayage, highlights or bleaching), seek professional help, not do it yourself.

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Lastly, never dye colored hair if you don’t know what dye was used. It’s not always clear how the new paint will react to the old one, and the hairdresser will know this.

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, the color may not be visible after washing

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