Firestar’s place among the mutants is explored in X-Men Annual #1

As the winner of the 2022 X-Men fan vote, Firestar joined the mutant team for the first time. And although there is some debate about his membership because he was chosen without a chance, the long-term mutant is now an X-Man.

Now, in the X-Men Annual 2022 of December 21, Firestar takes the story from writer Steve Foxe and artist Andrea DiVito, looking for his place in the team, building measuring his experience as a warrior with the New Warriors and previous Avengers. become a member of the X-Men.

Newsarama spoke with Foxe ahead of the issue’s release to dig into his own Firestar team, and how he’ll be joining the X-Men with this particular story, revealing some New local page.

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Newsarama: Steve, for starters, were you a fan of Firestar before you picked up X-Men Annual #1? For many readers, he was a cult favorite, but he didn’t have the spotlight at times. What is your relationship with him as a character?


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