Farmer’s Market opens for Louisville Community

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Just in time for the holiday season, people in Winston County have a new place to get fresh food.

It’s one of the funniest things about life in Mississippi. In a state where agriculture is one of the leading industries, many people, especially in rural areas, suffer from food insecurity.

But a community comes together to bring something new even in the fall and winter months.

Louisville Community members gathered for the grand opening of the Center Hills Farmers’ Market.

Farmers Market Flyer 2One of the organizers of the Grand Opening Elmetra Patterson says, the main goal is to solve the main issue in the area of ​​food insecurity.

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“Five of us have become professional gardeners, and we have always been interested in bringing healthy, fresh food to the community; so we started this by having this farmers market because we wanted to get fresh food closer to the people who live in this town in the countryside here,” Patterson said.

This is not the first time the city has worked to have a farmers market. However, there are factors out of their control that cause things to end.

“And one of those things, I’m one of the farmers who brings products and here in the sun it feels like sitting in the sun. We have to bring tents and everything. It doesn’t work job well done,” Miller said.

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The cover from the blue helped change that. After a tree was struck by lightning, Louisville farmer Alonzo Miller was able to use the wood to build a house that now covers Center Hill, the Farmers Market.

“I want to see this country have what it needs, especially at a time when we have food shortages and sometimes the food we get is not good and we don’t know where it comes from; “One of the best things I think we can do is grow our own food,” Miller said.

And those who may not find use for the farmer’s market in the winter months.

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“One thing that people misunderstand is that you only plant in the spring and summer. We plant all year round in the winter months; we have kale, we have things we have somewhere. today we have mustard greens, collard greens, turnips, kale and we are planting rutabaga people do not understand that rutabaga leaves are,” said Elmetra Patterson.

The gardener’s next plan is to build a community center, but in the meantime, they hope to expand their garden to continue providing fresh food to the surrounding area.

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