Drake and 21 Savage ordered to stop using fake Vogue magazine covers

Drake and 21 Savage Ordered to Stop Using Cheats Vogue cover story to promote their joint album ‘Her Loss’.

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A judge ruled against publisher Condé Nast today (November 10), issuing a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction against the two rappers as Billboard.

The judge said that the false coverage of the publisher’s trademarks may have been wrongful because Drake and 21 were “deceiving consumers” and “deceiving the public.” They added: “Issuing the requested restraining order is in the public interest to protect the public from confusion, fraud and error.”

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The judge’s order prohibits Drake and 21 Savage from “using, displaying, disclosing or distributing” the fake cover or copy they posted and also requires them to take down to websites and social media posts sharing the image. Also, men will stop telling Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s head.

According to TMZ, Vogue and Wintour “didn’t support it [‘Her Loss’] in some way” and has repeatedly requested all advertisements using the Vogue name to be taken.

Drake and 21 Savage during a fake ‘SNL’ episode. Credit: YouTube

The ruling came two days after the rappers were indicted Vogue after donating a fake cover of the magazine.

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The lawsuit filed by Condé Nast, which they both received Rock fell a budit was said that the duo’s activities were a “fraudulent act” which was not approved by the company.

It is also said to be a “false door of Vogue” was broadcast in major cities in North America, leading people to believe that the newspapers were real.

Both rappers have yet to comment on the allegations.

‘Her Loss’ served as Drake and Savage’s first full-length project when it was released last Friday (November 4). The rappers have appeared on a number of tracks in the past, starting with the release of ‘Sneakin’ in 2016. They both appeared on the Juicy J-sampling track ‘Knife Talk’ (from Drake’s 2022 solo album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’), and ‘Mr. Now’ with Metro Boomin.

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In a third demo of the album, NME wrote: “Despite some great beats and some serious bars, ‘Her Loss’ is heavy.

“The whining misogyny peppered throughout the record is symptomatic of a wider problem: this album is the sonic imprint of an overgrown ego.”


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