Daisy Ridley on Last Jedi retcons: “It’s beyond my paygrade”

Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley
Picture: Gareth Cattermole (Artist for Disney)

It has been three years since Palpatine returned.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Our last cinematic experience before the COVID-19 pandemic made our lives a permanent disaster. Although some of us used Chewbacca’s fake death as a sign to relax Star Wars for a while, some went as far as to say, “No, seriously, Andor awesome. That’s one thing The Rise of Skywalker It is clear that the Star Wars sequel trilogy that has made our social media timelines a disaster for the past decade.

Mileage may vary on all three Star Wars movies, but they still feel radioactive for Disney to increase their success (these results have reached $ 4 billion). Well, outside of the park tourism has clearly been in the works for over ten years. However, there is one common complaint with The Rise of Skywalker it was his service to the end of The Last Jedia retconning so over it bordered on antagonistic.

However, one person who thinks both movies deserve it is director Daisy Ridley. Although we stopped to ask Adam Driver about his Star Wars Daisy Ridley, she was once again forced into the front lines of some of the worst conversations on the internet while promoting her new movie. I think about death. Thankfully, Ridley is now a veteran and responded Rock fellQuestions about the last two Star Wars film diplomatically.

When asked if he appreciates the statement a The Last Jedi it was revised by The Rise of Skywalkerhe said:

Yes, JJ [Abrams] That’s what it’s like, it’s not for anyone, so it’s not just The Last Jedi where it is said. The interesting thing about the last one is, for me, you can be a hero and come from nowhere or you can be a hero and come from the worst person in the universe. . You are not your parents, you are not your grandparents, you are not your bloodline and you are not the generations before you.

In fact, this may be a loose statement about the baby speech. Or, if he didn’t keep saying that he wouldn’t be writing this crap. she is The lines only speak. “So I was like, sure,” he said. “But it’s more than my salary. I say the words, do the thing. I love the power of, you can be what you want, but I also love the power that you can fix the mistakes and not be able to help what you were born with.

Will this rekindle the previous rich topic of Star Wars? Maybe not, but it adds up water in the conversation baby nepo, we’dying to continue.


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