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The value of entertainment piracy is now related to piracy in the entertainment market as it is for sports and is three times more than sports piracy according to research from video software provider Synamedia.
Synamedia Avigail 2Feb2023
The study, conducted by Ampere Analysis, analyzed the impact of sports and entertainment piracy on 16,000 consumers in Brazil, Italy, India, Germany, Thailand, the UK and the US. calculating the potential income from converting auditors to legal writers.

As it turns out, comedy is the most pirated form of entertainment, led by titles such as Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Ted Lasso, with half of the pirate audience being innocent. This includes the action and adventure genre, as well as the crime and thriller genre.

Statistics show that stopping piracy of a major Hollywood film release can generate revenues of between $130 million and $280 million in the US alone, with super-hero blockbusters offering opportunities too much. Synamedia has realized that for a popular title like Spider Man: No Way Home, stopping piracy can lead to revenue for a studio streaming service of over $400 Synamedia, based on real annual net worth of subscribers.

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In addition, the company said that if piracy were to be stopped, sports would generate $9.8 billion in revenue in the seven markets surveyed, however, this figure is dwarfed by the ability to open an additional $21.8 billion in diversion of movie and TV pirates to legal services. .

Looking at the country, Synamedia’s report shows that of the seven countries surveyed, the market with the highest revenue is the US, with a potential of $13.7 billion per year in stopping movie and TV piracy and a $5 billion deal on sports. This will generate $5.9 billion in annual revenue for US streaming publishers, with the 28 most pirated movies and TV titles alone contributing $1.8 billion in new revenue. Germany, Italy and the UK have the lowest level of piracy. But by stopping piracy and turning pirate viewers over to legal writers in the UK for example, video providers and content owners could unlock $1.36 billion much for entertainment and $1.17 billion for sports each year.

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It is not surprising, football is known as the most exciting competition and, although it is available on free TV, the FIFA World Cup is the pirated competition or the league. This has shown Synamedia its popularity worldwide but it has also shown that free content can be subject to piracy if fans are using unauthorized websites to access other sports content. The UEFA Champions League and the English Premier League are second and third respectively. The only non-soccer league in the top 10 is the NBA. After football, the most popular sports that face piracy in the seven countries surveyed are cricket and kabaddi, led by piracy in India, and badminton, led by piracy in Asia.

“If the industry does not work, the segment of premium data added by the current economic model will continue to drive viewers to paid and free piracy services. This represents a real problem in stakeholders, publishers and streaming providers,” said Avigail Gutman, vice president of intelligence and security operations at Synamedia (pictured). “By using tools and techniques to protect content and services, manufacturers can prevent the rise of piracy by ensuring that content is easily accessible and meeting customer demands for mobile-first services, as well as aggregated services and billing.”

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Ampere Analysis CEO and co-founder Guy Bisson added: “There is a persistent myth that pirates don’t pay and never will. This research overturns this existing wisdom, with more than half of all pirate viewers pay for pirate TV services and 54% also pay for legal services. We already know that sports piracy is a big financial problem, but what surprised The most important thing to us about this research is the real extent of the impact on the major US studios and Hollywood as a whole.


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