College of Fine Arts and OHIO Center for Entrepreneurship launch OHIO’s first summit to tackle the intersection of art + entrepreneurship

The College of Fine Arts and the Center for Entrepreneurship of Ohio University have teamed up to present the first OHIO ARTrepreneurship Summit: Where Art + Business Converge (OAS) on Jan. 26.

This will be the first conference at Ohio University to bring together technical experts and entrepreneurs to present how the technical and entrepreneurial skills are connected and, through panels and presentations, to reveal the progress of their work and their actions as art entrepreneurs and for collaboration with other entrepreneurs. their network.

The conference is open to all OHIO undergraduate and graduate students and faculty and staff. The OAS takes place on Thursday, Jan. 26 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with two keynote speeches and a convocation taking place in the Templeton Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium and Galbreath Chapel. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, and a welcome and networking event held in the Memorial Hall at 5pm also includes refreshments. Registration is required and can be accessed on this website.

“Together with the OHIO Center for Entrepreneurship, the College of Fine Arts is proud to create an environment where art students meet and learn from established, professional artists who use creative thinking and tools. to support themselves and serve the community through art,” said College of Fine Arts Dean Matthew Shaftel.

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The idea to create the Summit was born out of the need for successful entrepreneurs, said OAS President, Director of the OHIO Center for Entrepreneurship and OHIO alum Paul Benedict, who graduated in 1996. who earned his degree in political science. from the Honors Teaching College.

“The conference will foster an environment where art students can envision themselves as successful entrepreneurs,” said Benedict. “The Ohio Center for Entrepreneurship is excited to partner with the College of Fine Arts to bring this unique opportunity to the OHIO community.”

Sharon Louden
Sharon Louden. Photo by Sharon Louden

The OAS program consists of two keynote addresses and a master class for College of Fine Arts students by two nationally renowned entrepreneurs. One speaker is Brooklyn-based artist Sharon Louden, arts advocate/administrator/producer, and author of “Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: Essays by 40 Working Artists” (2013, Literary Books) and “The Artist as Cultural Producer: Living and Sustaining a Creative Life” (2017, Literary Books) two books in a trilogy to include the upcoming title, “The Artist Last: Living and Sustaining a Creative Life”, for publication in 2023. Each book in the trilogy has 40 features. Artists share their stories about how they sustain their creative lives over time.

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The second keynote speaker is David Cutler, who is a leader in the arts, services, and marketing and Professor / Marketing and Innovation in the School of Music at the University of South Carolina. Cutler is a jazz and classical composer and pianist and the author of the book and website, “The Savvy Musician: Building a Career, Earning a Living, & Make a Difference” a platform that promotes Savvy ideas and content. Musician is the key to the word. “Organization” and include artists who seek “equality in all their pursuits.”

David Cutler
David Cutler. Photo by Scott Allan Purdue. Photo by David Cutler

OAS includes up to six sections that feature prominent artists, some of whom are OHIO College of Fine Arts alumni who come from a wide range of practices. Each will speak on a rigorous program of topics selected by OHIO students and the OAS Steering Committee including “Grant Writing for a Creative Life” to “Selling Yourself (Unsold).” The conference also included a breakout, mini panel discussion on the intersection of art and entrepreneurship led by Benedict and the OHIO Center for Entrepreneurship.

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Visit this website to register. Registration will be open until Jan. 20, 2023. Follow the College of Fine Arts on Facebook and Instagram and the OHIO Center for Entrepreneurship on its Facebook and Instagram channels for updates on panelists reserved for OAS and others.

For more information, contact:

  • Paul Benedict, OAS President, Professor of Education and Director, OHIO Center for Entrepreneurship, [email protected]
  • Christopher Fisher, OAS President, professor of piano and chair of the Keyboard Division College of Fine Arts School of Music, [email protected]
  • Kelee Riesbeck, OAS President, Executive Director, Arts Partnerships and Programs, College of Fine Arts, [email protected]


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