Butter Lace Wig

Butter Lace Wig – I love this wig! Curly everything! I love the color (t/4 Hazel). I love lace! The only downside is that it’s only average, but certainly 10/10 in all other areas.

I didn’t expect it to last, but it kicked my ass. It was too shiny for my liking, but I brushed it out and straightened it. It is coiled and coiled. If you want it to last longer, I don’t recommend sleeping on it.

Butter Lace Wig

This is such a beautiful wig, it feels so natural and I get so many compliments when I am out and about. of course i go to summer and here’s my second wig, i love them

Bobbi Boss 100% Human Hair Hd Deep Part Lace Wig

When I wore it before it was torn and now it’s ruined, I tried to fix it and it didn’t work so I can’t wear it sorry, the lace is ruined, it’s a waste of money .

Before I bought this wig, I saw many great reviews about this unit. However, it tangles up the wig so much, I can’t color it, I can’t use a very dirty wig, so I have to wash it all together, wash the clothes, nothing. That’s why I didn’t like this wig at all.

Love this wig! I used this unit in a shelter style and love it. The lace was invisible.

Good quality hair, but the lace is thin and very simple, so be careful, but everything is fine.

Tinted Lace Wig Powder

The lace is faded and the hair quality isn’t bad either, so at least I wouldn’t wear it in gold, braided and bundled.

I got a lot of compliments on this item, wore it on vacation and fell in love with it. It feels heavy, but it is very light. I will buy this unit again as I have it.

This hair is the bomb here because it is a synthetic wig! I mean I get compliments on and off from people and some of them ask how much it is and are shocked at the price. But this wig is good!

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Love this wig

Butter Blonde. Bob Lace Front Hair Wig + Middle Part 720

Delivery was 2 days and I am going to order now. The wig is great, this is the second time I’ve bought it, I like to keep summer styles simple.

First of all I have to say that between this wig and Cheri, which is a dupe for this wig, I didn’t get it as well as I had with other wigs, but when I adjusted it to my liking and it was a bit messy Done, it started growing. Not really an everyday wig on me, but a day out. I will definitely buy another one soon!

As always I really liked the beautiful lace wig, my hair was very soft when it came down and got a little tangled but I took care of it with conditioner spray and leave in cream. but love

I was able to emulate the side part instead of dressing how the section is designed (the middle part only).

Butta Lace Human Hair Blend Water Wave 16″

It’s tall, I’m 5’11 and it almost hits my butt. It doesn’t suit really big heads, my ear buds are really clumsy..

The wig itself was great, but it came with a broken section of lace. This makes it impossible for me to put on this wig properly. If not, I’m sure this wig will be amazing and look great without glue. I want to re-order so I can melt down this wig and take some cute pictures, but I’m afraid I’ll be in tears again.

Longer than I thought, but beautiful curls. shines like synthetic, but i can run it

I like this wig. This is my favorite wig that I have. I was surprised by the parting and the hair strand. I recommend the silicone compound pack as it tends to be fibrous.

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Sensationnel Synthetic Cloud 9 4×4 Part Swiss Lace Front Wig

I love split and lace and I think it’s better if it’s straight with a liter. I had to apply conditioner but I would give it a 1 to 7 score out of 10

It was beautiful but too tangled, I’m 5’2 and had to cut it. It was perfect for 2 days, I didn’t take it to bed or anything during the day, and after that it got really bushy on the ends, which I didn’t like. But since it’s synthetic, I think you get what you pay for.

This wig was a total disaster for me. I wore it for two weeks in a row and had to cut it because it lasted too long. This wig is also very frizzy and gets tangled very easily. I will not repurchase this wig.

Hair is great, gets tangled after a while, but if you apply hair remover and comb it, it can last up to 3 weeks depending on your routine.

Butta Lace Human Hair Blend Straight 32″

This is my first time buying a unit like this and it’s awesome. The quality, texture and length were amazing. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

This wig got so many compliments ️ A lot of people asked me where I got it and I can’t lie I immediately told them where I got it and what it looks like!! I will definitely order again

This is probably my favorite wig, I bought it for the second time. Gives you the quality of human hair, it looks its worst. and beginner friendly

My wig arrived quickly, perfect, no complaints, this will be my new place

Tina Monofilament Lace Front Wig By Envy

I love this wig! I ordered 2 because they were sold out everywhere! You really need to pay attention to this because it will change.

This wig was beautiful! The coils are fresh from the packaging. The hair was soft. There was no smell. It was really long. I broke it a little. I used a lot of mousse to keep the curls in place. But it was really beautiful. The edges didn’t get much blue, but it didn’t look awful. very versatile. I love! I am going to buy another color!

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The worst wig I have ever bought is the color of the wig and I will never buy from this company again.

It was a really nice wig. I wore it so many times that it was difficult to keep it in the same condition. I still love it!

Butta Unit 5

I love this wig, it’s super soft, the length is great, and the lace is soft and easy to work with. I’ve always wanted to reinstall this unit because I want it in 1B color. I have bought this wig twice, Ash Blonde and 613. I might repurchase it in Ash Blonde because I love it

I only got one good outfit before it went bad. I know its synthetic but the quality was not as expected. You also need to know how to cut and style lace properly to achieve a dignified look.

These are gorgeous soft, shiny remy dupe curls. No need to remove highlighter, just a few dustings of concealer or powder that matches your skin tone. However, this device tends to move a lot and is not recommended for long-term use. Even if the wig was combed through, the tool had to be removed after a week of wearing it. buyer beware.

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