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All parcels are shipped from Ireland, but we offer a next day delivery service in line with FedEx.

Blonde Upart Wig

However, you can exchange items for a return or refund for store credit within 14 days of purchase.

Glueless Ombre Blonde U Part Wig Kinky Curly 100% Human Hair 4a Bouncy Curl 250density Peruvian Remy Full Machine Made Half Wigs From Fantasybeautyhair, $54.23

It is a wild day and I want to throw it away. It takes a bit to get used to and it’s the best style for hiding the weave, but I definitely recommend it.

100% recommended! I love it and don’t forget to say that the color matching and mixing is amazing and it is very safe!

I bought this as a quick fix to bleach my hair when it’s frizzy and to keep money for new human hair extensions out of the works. After wearing it I throw all my human hair extensions together and buy one of these when I need or want a different color! The hair is kept in good condition and is thicker and thicker than what you can get with human hair. It doesn’t shed like human hair and sets very quickly! I tied my hair back and wore a hair mask and hat underneath. I cut too, and the length is great, but cutting it at the nib level feels more natural 😂 This is a game changer. 10/5

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Note: This is a Fiber Memory HD product. If you straighten the pieces before washing, your hair will dry straight. Likewise, if you blow-dry or blow-dry it before washing it, it will return to its original shape. Spend less time styling and more time looking great!!

Blonde Balayage U Part Wig Made With Real Cuticle Aligned

4. When you are satisfied with the remaining natural hair, close the clip to secure.

All parcels are shipped from Ireland, but we offer a next day delivery service in line with FedEx.

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Madison Blonde Human Hair U Part Wig

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Runature U Part Wig Human Hair 14 Inch Colour 60 Platinum Blonde Real Hair Extensions Half Wigs Extensions 120g U Part Wig Human Hair Blonde Extensions For Women

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