‘And then…Glen’, New Bedford children’s book to be published

NEW BEDFORD — There’s a herring gull named Glen flying around the Whaling City, and he’s about to make his big debut in an upcoming children’s book.

“New Bedford has a lot of history, a lot of future, and just a ton to offer as an artist,” said Margo Connolly-Masson, author of “And Then… Glen.”

The children’s book is about chasing around a furry town resident in hopes of catching him causing trouble in the town. But he was embraced by the community and people laughed with his heart and personality.

“It’s about finding the places where he lives,” Connolly-Masson said. “We know he’s here like everyone else – how is the city of everyone here.”

Margo Connolly-Masson pulls out one of the finished pages drawn for a children's book she's written. "Then... Glen!" featuring Glen the seagull.

Appreciating the whales in New Bedford is one of the highlights of the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park. In July 2021, the park posted signs asking drivers to be mindful of baby birds on the road.

“People just jump here!” said Jennifer Smith, former director of New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park Common times Article. “Looks like there are a lot of baby fish around and we need to keep an eye on them.”


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