2 Albuquerque business fed up with vandalism

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – This year, KOB 4 has reported several businesses across Albuquerque being vandalized and sometimes stolen.

On Monday, we spoke with two business owners who recently targeted their businesses.

The first is a tattoo shop, the other is a pet store, and both are frustrated by the crime problem in Albuquerque.

“I was at home holding my 5-month-old daughter in one hand and a bag in the other. My phone went off with an ADT notification saying an alarm activation is happening,” Stuart St. Louis, owner of Cheeky Monkey Tattoo said.

It is clear that St. Louis saw two people, one of whom was throwing a rock at his window – not once, but twice.

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This happened on Monday morning. Fortunately, the window was not damaged due to the investment and it will be the first to hit his shop.

I am working on Mobile Screen and Glass about that problem. They were the ones who replaced my windows in the first place, they suggested that I get these damaged windows and prove that they are like that,” St. Louis said.

Cheeky Monkey Tattoo has only been open since February and the shop has been known five times, St. Louis said.

It is the same thing that two people do this, and the damages will be about $15,000 to $20,000.

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“Getting angry, it’s stupid, and I don’t know who the coward is that sends these goons to break my window, but they should grow up and mind their own business. I do not do this to them, no one does it to them,” said St. Louis said.

And in northeast Albuquerque, another business is dealing with their own vandalism.

Last week, Predator and Prey Exotics Pet Store in Central was hit by a rock, breaking a window and emptying a tank.

“The damage to the window and the tank will be about $1,000. It’s a little unfortunate for us,” said Dylan Mueller, owner of Predator and Prey Exotics Pet Store.

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The good thing is that no animals were hurt, especially from the cold air coming in through the windows.

“It’s very disappointing. Everyone has little things they are trying to do to make a living and continue to work, and earn a living. So when someone gets into that mess, I think it’s going to hurt everybody,” Mueller said.

Both owners said they have filed a police report but have yet to receive a response from APD.


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